Access Daily: The Love Shack

Damona is BACK with the Access Daily crew, bringing you a whole new segment… The Love Shack! Damona sets up at Universal Studios Hollywood to answer the dating dilemmas of park-goers.

She’ll be answering questions like:

  • What are some good questions to ask someone on a first date?
  • The person I’m dating has a group of female friends he calls his “fanbase.” Should I be worried?
  • How many times should you check in with the person you’re dating?

Hear what Damona has to say below…

The Daily Show Podcast: Sexual Racism

On this episode of the Beyond the Scenes Podcast, Damona joins Roy Wood Jr. and Ronny Chieng for a discussion on “How Sexual Racism Affects Online Dating.”

This podcast episode revisits a 2016 segment done on The Daily Show, exploring the ways in which sexual racism shows up on dating apps.

Listen to the full conversation below!


E! Daily Pop: Celebrities on Dating Apps

Damona joins the hosts of E! Daily Pop to dish on how to slide into a celeb’s DMs. Here’s what she suggests:

1. Follow your celeb crush on IG

2. Like a few of their posts

3. Try to comment on their next couple of posts within the first hour.

4. Make sure your IG profile pic is cute AF

5. Send a short and sweet DM: aka “Hey and Pray”

“Everyone else said it was too thirsty but I say you need to make yourself visible. Your celeb crush isn’t hanging around in their inbox waiting for your message. You need to command their attention.” – Damona


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Drew’s Love Bug: First Date Advice

Damona helps give first date advice to an audience member on The Drew Barrymore Show, encouraging them to make what she calls a curiosity list and not to be afraid to give people a chance to surprise you.

Watch what happens here:

Empty Nesters Looking to Reignite their Marriage

Tommy and Tracey Spero have been married for twenty-two years and now find their marriage in a new phase after their daughter moved out of the house. Damona joins Drew to talk through several strategies for setting new boundaries and reigniting their connection.

Watch what happens here:

CNBC: How money can build or break your relationship

It’s not a secret that people in committed relationships tend to perform well financially. A Pew Research study found that in 2019, men and women both earned more and were more financially sound in a committed relationship. However, that doesn’t mean someone should date solely for financial security.

But if you’re actively dating, it’s normal to be curious of a potential partner’s financial situation, regardless of where you’re at in the dating process. Damona Hoffman, OkCupid Dating Coach and Host of The Dates & Mates Podcast, suggests “daters who get better with their money will naturally attract better dating prospects because it is still one of the primary attractors in our society.”

Curious to read more? Check out the full article here…

Vox: What science still can’t explain about love

Psychologists are hardly the only experts on love, so I was curious to ask matchmakers and relationship coaches this same question: Do people really know what they want? Are relationships discovered, or are they built?

They see a bit of both. Yes, people have a vague sense of what they want. But they owe it to themselves to investigate those desires further. “I think a lot of times people do not have clarity on what they want,” relationship coach Damona Hoffman says. But they’ll have the start of it. They’ll have a preference that needs to be unpacked further to reveal a core value they want to share in a partner.

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Valentine’s Day Red Flags

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and so is a myriad of potential red flags! Resident love expert Damona is here to help separate the salt from the sugar with what’s a red flag, what’s a green one, and that’s a signal to run the other direction.

Check out all the red flags below…

12 Things People Get Wrong About Relationships

What if everything you think you know about relationships is wrong?

Damona spoke with Gary W. Lewandowski at Psychology Today to piece apart what it means to want and be in a relationship. More specifically, about “The Soulmate Myth.” Here’s a sneak peek:

The Soulmate Myth: Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe in soulmates, or the idea that there is one single person who is their perfect match. While it’s a charming idea for a rom-com or fairytale, in practice, it leads people who are single to be constantly on the quest for perfection among those they date as they search for this magical “soulmate” feeling—a feeling that is ultimately unattainable.

Check out the rest of Damona’s advice HERE!

Are Guys Who Own Cats a Red Flag?

It is no secret that dating out there is TOUGH. And we all deal with the human urge to walk toward the red flags when we see them. That’s why Damona is here to offer professional advice on how to spot the red flags early and walk AWAY from them.

Watch the full segment below!

Cosmopolitan: The Physical Touch Love Language

Whether you learned about love languages from a personality test, love quiz, or during an online spiral, it’s likely you know a thing or two about them. Because when it comes to building lasting relationships—both romantic and platonic—these languages are pretty damn essential.

Very simply, love languages explain how different people give, receive, and feel love – this is why learning other peoples’ love languages are so important.

The Physical Love Language is alllll about physical connection and intimacy, explains OkCupid’s dating coach and the host of the Dates & Mates podcast, Damona Hoffman. “Physical touch folks give and receive love by being touched or held,” she explains.

Granted, while sexual expression is likely vital to those with this love language, other types of touch with friends and family are important as well. And all the experts agree: There’s nothing wrong with the physical touch love language. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with any of them because, as Hoffman explains, love languages are simply “tools to better understand yourself” and the people around you.

Check out the article HERE for the full download on the Physical love language.

New York Times: New Year’s Relationship Resolutions

For many people, romantic relationships have taken a back seat during the pandemic.

“Couples fell into routines that became a more casual way to relate to each other,” said Damona Hoffman, a dating coach in Los Angeles and the host of the podcast Dates & Mates. “We couldn’t do a date night out or many of the activities we normally would have done to get us out of a funk or give us a change of scenery.”

To help improve intimacy and romance with your partner in the new year, here are four key strategies to consider, according to relationship experts.

Check out the full article HERE for all the relationship advice from Damona and other dating experts!