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Damona Hoffman is a relationship expert & media personality who starred in A+E Networks’ TV series #BlackLove and A Question of Love. She’s a contributor for CNN Headline News (HLN), BET.com, The Washington Post, The Match Dating App and more. Previously, Damona held creative executive positions at CBS, Paramount, Syfy, and also NBC Universal where she created and oversaw the network’s Talent Diversity Program. Currently, she hosts the weekly podcast, Dates & Mates, and travels the country speaking about relationships, communication, diversity, media, and more.

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“Damona was one of our highest rated guest speakers across multiple semesters for my students at Cal State Fullerton. The stories, timely life and work advice as well as the business knowledge she shared resonated with numerous students. We look forward to having Damona return to campus to speak with additional groups of students who are focused on thriving in the entertainment world of today.”
Amani Roberts, Adjunct Professor, Cal State Fullerton
“Thank YOU for hosting a fun event for our members. I heard a lot of good feedback from the members I spoke with after the event. I loved the sense of community and engagement generated through the discussion.”
Andrea Lira, The Match Group
“Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles was beyond pleased to have you moderate our celebrity speaker panel featuring cast of the Emmy-winning, A+E TV show, “Born This Way”. You helped make the panel the highlight of a fantastic evening and worked effortlessly with the A+E television production team, the cast, and our organization.”
Jimi Vaughn, President, Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles
“Without your presence, knowledge, and words of wisdom, we would not have been able to make the type of impact that transpired in all the lives of our student leaders who attended the conference.”
Joshua Fredenburg, Circle of Change Leadership Conference
“You have been a great source of inspiration to me and will continue to be a role model and innovative leader.”
Paula Madison, Chief Diversity Officer, NBC Universal
“Damona was superb. She really got the students thinking about their careers and that they are responsible for who they are in the world. She made them laugh, she made them think, and she’s the best at what she does.”
Cindy Gold, Communications Department Head, Northwestern University
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See how you can make a meaningful connection in today’s disconnected digital world.

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Join one of the leading voices in media about love & relationships for a deep, personal exploration into the state of dating & romance today and how to form more fulfilling partnerships.

We’ll cover:

  • How the “The Texting Trap” may be keeping your relationship stuck in neutral and how to text, DM, and flirt over social media more effectively.
  • The new rules for dating & relationship putting identity, consent, and compassion at the forefront
  • Your questions on everything from pregnancy prevention to intimacy as Damona does in the Technically Dating segment of her top-rated podcast, Dates & Mates, every week.


  • How to Attract and Retain Diverse Employees
  • Technology & Relationships: How to Truly Connect in a Disconnected Society
  • What Makes You Weird Can Make You Money
  • Body Language: How to Get What You Want Without Saying a Word
  • Everything You Need to Know About Communication You Can Learn from Online Dating


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