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The Angry Therapist & Male EQ


Damona sits down with John Kim, The Angry Therapist, to talk about his do’s and don’ts for men plus his tips on how to bulletproof your relationship. Here’s the rundown:


Did Lady Gaga break the girl code?

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper made headlines last week after their steamy Oscars performance. Did Lady Gaga break the girl code by being so close to Bradley right in front of his girlfriend?

How Uber and Lyft have changed dating

It’s no secret that ride share apps make going out easier and safer, but how have they changed dating? Damona breaks it down.

Calling all expecting fathers!

Dove is offering to pay paternity leave grants for fathers who will not get time off after their baby arrives! Damona gives us the deets.


This week John Kim joined us in studio. You may know him as the Angry Therapist, but he is also an entrepreneur, published author, public speaker, life coach, and so much more. John’s approach is personal and honest and draws from his past relationship experiences. He has helped thousands of men find more happiness in their relationships and more purpose in their lives, now shares his insights with men everywhere in this powerful book, “I used to be a Miserable F*ck”. We talked about A LOT:

  • The Foundations of a healthy relationship
  • Bulletproof Relationships
  • Living Separate lives, together
  • Should you pee in the shower?
  • Honesty in relationships
  • John’s Do’s and Don’ts for men
  • And so much more!


Submit your questions Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and hear our answers live on the show! Here’s what our listeners asked about this week:

  • How you should act around your ex when you have to see them at work?
  • Can you find love on Instagram?
  • Should you just flat out ask someone out?
  • Dating advice for someone who has moved to a new city and doesn’t know anyone
  • How to rebuild after infidelity while long distance
  • How can you tell if he’s being honest?
  • And tips for long distance relationships!


Studies show that singles feel the most “single shame” from those closest to them. Damona closes out the show with a Diatribe on single shame.


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Long-Term Love & Super Bowl Swiping

Our guest co-hosts this week were Lee and Mimi Hoffman, Damona’s beloved in-laws. They joined us to share their love story and give dating advice to the next generation.


The Stats on Super Bowl Swiping

During the Big Game, dating apps see an increase in use, whether you’re in the town where the Super Bowl’s occurring or just scrolling through your phone while the game is on. In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, some apps report increases as high as 50%, with a 60% increase in message responses. Spruce up your profile, maybe get a sports-themed bio in there, and read more about it via Elite Daily here.

Lady Gaga’s Secret Lover

The recent Grammy’s had us wondering just who, exactly, Lady Gaga is shacked up with. Turns out she got engaged to boyfriend Christian Carino last November. Her manager over at CAA who’s so into her he got a tattoo of her face, we wish her all the best in love. You can read more via Romper here.

Dane Cook’s Dating a 19-Year-Old

We generally think age is just a number, but comedian Dane Cook is dating a 19-year-old despite the fact he’s a whopping 26 years older than her. What do you think, is over a quarter of a century a little too much of an age gap? You can read more via People here.

Match.com’s Singles in America Survey

We got the exclusive scoop on Match.com’s annual Singles in America survey just hours after it dropped. Each year, Match.com publishes an extensive study on dating trends they’ve analyzed, and we highly recommend everyone checks it out. You can find it right here.


We pull the best questions posted on The Textpert App and BlackPeopleMeet.com, including:

  • How to be more confident with your body image
  • What to do if the person you’re interested in just wants to be friends
  • How to tell a partner you’re not ready to move across the country with them

And many more . . .


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