Date Lab: Lessons from Non-Binary Daters

This was the very first article I have ever written about a non-binary dater. Nat and Sydelle prove a lot of what I have been teaching about attraction and chemistry. Give it a read!

“Sydelle Barreto, 25, had no idea who was going to walk through the door at the Smith restaurant on U Street NW. As a cisgender woman who dates all genders, she was open to meeting anyone and eager to see who we matched her with.

When Nat Berelovich, 24, arrived, Sydelle immediately noticed their piercings, cool black boots and tattoo that resembled a watercolor painting. Nat noticed Sydelle’s tattoos — and thought she was really cute.”

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Date Lab: Does he know you want a second date?

How do you end a date and let them know you would like a second one? Hate to say it, but this may be an example of what not to do.

Alicia Dixon must have looked like a superhero zipping on a scooter en route to her date. The 26-year-old was wearing black jeans and a top with black crepe sleeves that met in the back, in her words, “like a capelet.” She was the first to arrive at the Swiss restaurant Stable in the H Street NE corridor… Her date, Louie D’Agostino, finished his beer across the street and headed to Stable. An experienced “semi-blind” dater on apps, Louie, 31, likes to calm his nerves and loosen up with a brew or two before a date. “Like a two-drink minimum at a comedy club,” he explained.

Dating Tricks & Traps on Access Daily

Damona and Rob Mack talk about all the current dating terms you need to know – Glamboozled, Orbited, or Cricketed, and more. But more importantly, Mario how you can avoid the worst ones happening to you.

Dating Coaching on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Garcelle Beauvais has an amazing career and she’s an amazing mother. Now she’s looking for a man to settle down with. We did a little session to unpack what qualities she should look for and what was blocking her from finding love.

Here’s a little preview:

I did a more in-depth coaching session with Garcelle on the Dates & Mates podcast. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!






Fox40: 4th of July hottest day for dating

Since the pandemic, people have drastically altered their dating behaviors and end goals. People no longer just want to mingle. They are looking for real, serious relationships. People are now twice as likely to want something serious rather than a simple fling. Plus, those who plan to get the vaccine are likely to have better luck in love and can actually have the potential to increase your match scores and finally go offline for in-person dates. Don’t forget to be creative when you have the opportunity to go out on an in-person date. And on a super positive note, ghosting has seen a decrease since the pandemic began!

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Drew Barrymore with Damona Hoffman

Drew’s Love Bug: Live Profile Review

On a recent appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Damona Hoffman gives a live dating app profile review for Brooke, a flight attendant from Nashville who has not had the best of luck on dating apps.

Here’s the rundown:

Damona’s #1 dating profile rule: the three C’s – Color, Context, and Character. Color is very important in that first photo. Particularly, the color red is very attractive to men. You have to fill in your other photos to show more of the context and make you the star of your profile.

OkCupid users who complete their profiles see 200% more matches. And more matches mean more dates!

A couple of little fixes made a big difference for Brooke’s dating app profile and then

Watch Damona and Drew meet up with Brooke after the profile polish and hear her amazing results!


ABC10: Matching by Vaccine Status?

The latest stats from my friends at OkCupid show that Vaccines are a big topic of conversation on dating apps. I join Your California Life to dish out some new pandemic dating advice.

Dating apps are now allowing users to list their covid vaccination status on their profiles. This new dating app feature can have a major impact on dating during the pandemic. Those who list that they are going to receive the vaccine are even getting more likes than those who decline to list their status.

On an even deeper level, couples who are already together may find they disagree on getting the vaccine. Honesty is important not only in pandemic dating advice but also in established relationships to make sure both people are on the same page particularly when it comes to the covid pandemic.

However, if your dating based on vaccine status, watch out for these two things:

🚨Vax status today doesn’t determine long-term compatibility tomorrow. In a month, someone’s vax status can change so continue to prioritize long-term compatibility!

🚨Vax status today does not necessarily mean that they are a more or less attractive match. Have a conversation about their future pandemic safety plans to see if you’re compatible!

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Shondaland: Tired of an inbox full of “hey”?

My 3c’s to a perfect dating profile work every time! I was featured in Shondaland for a profile makeover piece. Here’s a sneak peek:

“THE DATER: Colleen, 25, a wholesale manager for a beauty brand based in the South

For five-plus years, Colleen has had an on-again, off-again relationship with the standard trio of dating apps: Hinge, Bumble, Tinder. So far, she says most of her matches have felt like “a waste of time.” Her inbox is stacked with “Hey” after “Hey” from bland guys with whom she has zero chemistry, and who rarely engage her in conversations about her own interests. Among her lengthy list of duds is the Atlanta Falcons player who commented on her photo with a tired pick-up line (that, at least, resulted in an entertaining screenshot for her friends) and the creepy guy who claimed to coincidentally “run into her” one night while she was out with friends and proceeded to follow her around for the evening.

THE EXPERT: Damona Hoffman

Hoffman jokes that she’s been coaching online daters “since they used to do profiles on stone tablets.” In addition to one on one coaching, Hoffman frequently does public speaking engagements on the subject, offers an online course, and hosts a weekly podcast called Dates & Mates. She thinks of dating profiles as a form of storytelling, and helps clients craft “narratives” designed to engage exactly the people they’re hoping to meet, as opposed to profiles that could appeal to anyone. “You could get a lot of messages, but if they’re a lot of the wrong messages, or you’re not going on dates with the right kind of people, then it feels exhausting, frustrating and overwhelming,” Hoffman says.

We asked Hoffman to review Colleen’s profile and come up with actionable tips that will help this “meh” dater find an authentic connection.”

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Hello Giggles: How to talk to your partner about sex

This week, I talked to Ashley Uzer at Hello Giggles about communication and sex. Your partner is not a mind reader! You need to be open with them about what you need – especially when it comes to kinky sex.

Start small”

You probably don’t pull out all your sexual stops on the first date, right? Same theory goes for rolling out your toolkit of kinky fantasies.

“Start with mentioning something that turns you on and then ask him how he feels about it, and if it’s something he’d be up for trying,” suggests Hoffman. “You don’t want to bring all 50 shades out the first time you have sex.”

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Domino: Is your home affecting your relationship?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how homes affect relationships. Here’s an article with Domino on the unexpected ways your environment affects your relationship.

“Most couples who move in together learn to adapt to their partner’s quirks. They’ll get the mail when their S.O. forgets, let them have control of the remote when their show is on, or blow out a candle when they accidentally leave it burning. Sure, they might also begrudgingly clean up after their partner’s messes to avoid arguments—and eventually those little annoyances could blow up into a bigger fight. ”

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Date Lab: Are drinking habits a deal-breaker?

This week, I covered a date that was set up by The Washington Post Date Lab!

Kate Bohan describes the men she has dated in the past as “good humans” who were just not right for her. The 32-year-old California native who handles billing for a study-abroad provider is seeking someone “genuine, handsome, curious and kind who believes that humanity is all connected.” The Date Lab team set her up with Alex Reading, 28, a George Washington University graduate student studying philosophy and social policy.

Kate says she doesn’t embarrass easily. But she described the feeling of first meeting Alex at Ris in the West End and taking the required photos as “awkward prom.” To break the ice, Kate suggested they order a drink, then noticed an uncomfortable look on Alex’s face. “Oh, God, he doesn’t drink,” Kate immediately realized. She was right.

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Are you in a situationship or a relationship?

Do you know whether you need to DTR (define the relationship)? This article will help! My advice has been featured in HuffPost!

Here’s an excerpt:

“Dating in this day and age comes with a dictionary’s worth of funny lingo ― from “half-night stands” and “monogamish” to “orbiting,” “curving” and “serendipidating.” Recently, I’ve noticed a term for a specific kind of romantic connection cropping up more often in memeslove articles and conversations among friends: “situationship.”

Assuming you’ve dipped your toes into the dating waters, odds are you’ve found yourself in a situationship of sorts at some time. Maybe it’s even been a more frequent experience for you than traditional relationships. On an early episode of the U.S. edition of “Love Island,” one contestant declared, “I’ve never had a proper relationship. I’ve been in situationships, but never an actual relationship.”

But what exactly is a situationship? And what are the upsides and downsides of this type of dynamic? HuffPost spoke to a number of relationship experts to find out.”