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Yoga For Love & Textationships

Hello Lovers, Happy #NationalYogaAwarenessMonth!

This week Rebecca Benenati joins us to co-host a special episode dedicated to Yoga Awareness Month. Rebecca is a certified doula and yoga instructor who is Damona’s teacher and was also her doula in childbirth. Rebecca’s created a large community through Wellborn Lifestyles which offers birth support and soon also yoga classes in Los Angeles. Today Damona and Rebecca discuss how yoga can shift the way you date and improve your relationship:


Does your partner have the seven qualities relationship experts say you need for a lasting relationship?

This week relationship experts told us the 7 Qualities Your Partner Should Have By The Time They’re 30. Do you really need to have these qualities by 30? How does your partner measure up? Damona and Rebecca have thoughts. 

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose give great co-parenting advice

Have you seen this video of Wiz brushing Sebastian’s hair? Great Parenting! Amber and Wiz’s relationship goes to show that you can co-parent after an ugly breakup. Damona and Rebecca discuss Amber Rose’s surprisingly simple co-parenting tip.


Could your job be hurting your chances at finding love on Tinder?

Tinder has released the most right swiped professions in the US and the UK! Does Tinder think your job is sexy? Find out on today’s show.


Damona and Rebecca give us an in depth look at the benefits of yoga for your love life:

  • How yoga can benefit your relationship
  • Getting started with couple yoga
  • Having Grace in a challenging situation
  • How to navigate finding love after divorce
  • How yoga helps women communicate with their partners


Submit your questions Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and hear our answers live on the show! Here are the topics we answered this week:

  • How to stop going for unavailable men and long-distance relationships?
  • How to meet someone special if you’re always working?
  • How to tell if someone likes you in a romantic way?



Are you stuck in a “textationship”? A textationship is a relationship that is essentially text only. Here’s the bad news: Textationships rarely move forward and actually hurt your chances of finding a real relationship. Damona gives us us some much needed tough love and honesty about how to move past your textationship.

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