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Women’s History Month & Refridgerdating


As a dating coach for 13 years, Damona has seen shifts in dating trends and watched as women become more empowered in their dating lives. How do these things impact women’s dating destiny? Internationally renowned matchmaker and TV personality Carmelia Ray returns to co-host this episode with lots of insight on how women and men relate to each other in 2019. Here’s the rundown:


The surprising reason ARod’s relationship with JLO is a lot of pressure

HUGE Congrats to JLO and AROD who announced this month that they are engaged! Shortly after the engagement, ARod revealed why a relationship with JLo is a lot of pressure for him. Damona and Carmelia break it down.

New Trend Alert: Honeymoon Edition

This just in! Ditch your new spouse and go on the honeymoon of your dreams BY YOURSELF! Damona and Carmelia are not here for this new trend and they explain why.

Meet Your New Matchmaker: Your Fridge

Predicted right here on Dates & Mates! Refridgerdating has just launched allowing you to see into your match’s fridge before you decide to make a move. Damona and Carmelia have thoughts.


In honor of Women’s History Month, Damona sits down with Robert Kandell, interpersonal communication expert who helps women and men relate to each other better in the #MeToo Era. We talked about A LOT:

  • Shifts in acceptable dating behavior for women & men
  • Dating Patterns
  • Dating in big cities vs dating elsewhere
  • Do women need men anymore?
  • FOMO and Investing in relationships
  • Women have a higher earning potential and don’t have to settle!
  • “Men are acting more like boys, and women are acting more like men.” – Robert Kandell
  • And so much more!

If you liked this interview Damona has some supplemental material for you! Don’t miss Damona’s Communication Master Class and her interview with The Angry Therapist on Male EQ


Submit your questions Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and hear our answers live on the show! Here’s what our listeners asked about this week:

  • Why are women choosing to stay single for longer?
  • What is the best way to date if you have decided to ditch dating apps?


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