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Nice Guys & F Boys

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As a dating coach of 15 years, Damona’s made it her mission to show you how to date for a long-term commitment. But this week we got to thinking – what can daters learn from people who aren’t looking for “a last first kiss”?

Enter Clint Coley, comedian behind the podcast, “Advice From A Fuckboy.” (shocking, I know.)


Have you been dogfished?

Have you ever swiped right on someone because they had a cute god in their pictures? You have been dogfished! Damona and Clint break it down.

Jamie Foxx teaches us all about relationship rebounds

Jamie and Katie call it quits and he’s already on to the next. Was Kate getting the 7 year itch? Damona has thoughts.

Can men and women really have platonic relationships?

The Atlantic covers a new study that suggests that men and women may not be able to have platonic relationships. Clint has strong opinions about this one.

Advice from a F***Boy

Dating advice from a man with no relationship goals

Damona and Clint have some VERY different opinions about dating but it makes for great conversation.

They talk:

  • Hot Take: The only dating app that’s not a hookup app is Bumble
  • What is a “nice guy”?
  • Do nice guys finish last?
  • What does it mean to be a good woman?
  • What do YOU bring to the table in dating?
  • I’m a good woman, but I’m still single. Why?

Make sure to check out Clint’s Podcast, Advice from A Fuckboy!


Submit your questions Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and hear our answers live on the show! Here’s what our listeners asked about this week:

  • How to handle being ghosted by someone you were really vibing with
  • What to do when your  ex reaches out to 


Super Mamas & Relationship Standards

Super Mamas Podcast host Paulina Lopez and guest co-host psychotherapist Rhonda Richards-Smith join Damona to discuss how moms can still be sexy to their husbands. Rhonda takes on the headlines including: How dating apps have affected the rate of STDs, Aziz Ansari’s comedy in the #MeToo era, and how your relationship standards change once you’re couple up. Questions from listeners include: how to avoid strange requests on dating apps, should you see your ex again, and is it ok for your man to DM an instagram model?



Dating apps blamed for rise in STDs

STDs are on the rise, with five times as many cases seen in the past four months when compared with the same time period last year. Apps such as Tinder and Bumble are facing blame, with syphilis being the STD increasing the most rapidly. You can read more via NY Post here.

Aziz Ansari returns to standup with dating routine

Both Aziz Ansari and Louis C.K. returned to standup this week after being implicated in the #MeToo movement. Ansari avoided mention of the accusations against him, despite the fact the set was structured around dating. Is this tasteless? Can he make a comeback? You can read more via NME here.

How your relationship standards change

A new study proves that your relationship expectations change before and after you enter a relationship. It proved that those who took the survey while in a relationship ranked their current partner closer to their ideal than those who took the survey single and entered into a relationship a few months later. You can read more via Bustle here.


We pull the best questions posted on The Textpert App, including:

  • How to avoid strange messages on dating apps
  • If it’s OK to see your ex again

And many more . . .

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