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Memorial Day & Military Spouses

Thank You!

Memorial Day means a lot more than an unofficial start of summer, cookouts, and a day off from work. Today we celebrate girlfriends and spouses who are impacted by loved ones in the service.

Wait!! Before you think, “This doesn’t apply to me” – Think again! Have you ever experienced a long distance relationship? Or chose to sacrifice for the benefit of your partner’s career?

Today we are joined by four brave women who detail what it’s like to love a military man. Theresa Laux, Kate McAuley, Kayelee Pepper, Ashley Garlow all have their own lives, aspirations and unique backgrounds.

We talk about A LOT:

  • The surprising way Theresa met her husband (DEFINITELY not what you think)
  • The extra person in a relationship: The US Military
  • Moving A LOT
  • Negotiating and Compromise: How to keep sight of your own professional goals
  • Motherhood as a full time student
  • Making sure your kids get the best education
  • How not to resent your husband when his job prevents you from your goals

THANK YOU to all these women who educated us on what it’s like to love a military service member. We salute you!


Look for listener questions in a new Dear Damona special episode this Thursday!