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Meet Cute & Instagram for Dating


We talk a lot about how much dating has changed since Damona began her career as a dating coach. Who remembers when online dating was brand new?

Even we couldn’t have predicted the changes that the dating technology ecosystem has seen even in the last year. We want you to be as prepared as possible for upcoming trends so you can stay ahead of the dating game.

This week, Damona talks about the future of modern love with the people who make decisions in the dating app landscape. This short format episode features an in-depth interview with Geoff Cook, CEO and co-founder of The Meet Group, and Evin Rose, Millennial Love Life & Dating Coach, on dating app trends to look out for. Here’s the rundown:


Your Next Dating App: Instagram

Honey Australia reports that singles who use the hashtags  #strongandsingle and #happilysingle might get a few extra DMs from potential dates. Should you mix Instagram and dating? Damona and Evin Rose have thoughts.


If you aren’t familiar with the Meet Group, they are responsible for a lot of cutting edge dating apps that are popular worldwide, like MeetMe, Lovoo, Skout, and so many others. As an expert entrepreneur, business strategist, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner for the Philadelphia Region, Geoff Cook is the man to give us the facts on the business and trends involved with the dating app tech landscape.

Lately, we have noticed that there is a trend to mix dating with other aspects of your online persona. Listeners often ask: Should you integrate your social media into your dating profile?

For Evin Rose this seems like a no brainer. “When we get someone’s last name, we immediately go look them up anyway on social media to try and get a sense of who they are,” she says. “I think there really is something to finding other ways to connect with people virtually.”

It does seem like a complete no brainer. But why are some having such a hard time blurring these lines?

Geoff has a really good explanation. “People like to express different aspects of their identities via the brands they use.” he says. You might share your workplace version of yourself on Linkedin, and your family friendly version of yourself on Facebook, but your dating persona – the most extroverted and fun version of yourself- is reserved for your dating apps usually.

“That’s partially why it’s strange to be hit up on Facebook or a network where most of your interactions are not for that,” he says. “I think it’s tough to walk that privacy line.”

There is absolutely something to be said for protecting your social media from your dating life. HOWEVER, if we just shut down these new possibilities entirely, we might miss a good opportunity to find love.

So maybe next time someone slides into those DMs, see where it goes and let us know!

We talk about sooo much more on this episode about future trends in dating including:

  • Is live streaming the key to finding your next match?
  • Integrating human connection back into online dating
  • Is this match a real human?: Sorting through multiple realities on dating apps
  • Podcasts: The new predictors for compatibility?
  • And so much more!


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