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Dr. Jenn’s Relationship Fix & The Communication Crisis


In all of Damona’s years as a dating coach, she has learned all the different ways people navigate modern love. One issue keeps coming up as challenging for all our listeners: Communication.

We are in a communication crisis right now, people! With an overload of information and an undervaluing of the person on the other end of the phone or computer, it is clear that we are having trouble forming real connections. This week we talk about how to form better relationships through communication and connection. Here’s the rundown:


Is society done with Slut Shaming once and for all?

This week, some VERY personal pictures of Amanda Seyfried were leaked on the internet. We are happy to report that most fans supported Amanda instead of slut shaming. Damona and Dr. Jenn have thoughts.

Create Healthier Texting Habits

At the beginning of a relationship, it can be hard to establish healthy texting habits with your new boo. Damona and Dr. Jenn have your solution.

The Four Major Predictors of Divorce

According to the Gottman study, there are four major predictors of divorce within the first five years of marriage and three more relationship conflicts that will make you fall out of love ASAP. Damona and Dr. Jenn break it down.


Damona brought in the creme de la creme of experts to enlighten us about communication and connection in relationships –  VH1’s Dr. Jenn Mann. You may know her from the hit show Couple’s Therapy with Dr. Jenn or her many best selling books on improving relationships, but she is also a licensed LMFT who has been practicing for almost three decades.

Dr. Jenn and Damona talk about her newest book, The Relationship Fix. This interview isn’t just for couples who want to fix their relationships, Dr. Jenn says her communication advice is for singles who “want to do it right next time.”

We talked about A LOT:

  • Using conflicts to strengthen your relationship
  • Connection is the greatest vaccination against infidelity
  • Dealing with criticism
  • Recognizing and knowing when unresolved issues can ruin a relationship
  • How to make an effective apology
  • Will he actually change this time?
  • Concrete Action is key
  • Getting over infidelity
  • Living in fear hurts your relationship
  • Attachment styles
  • And so much more!


Submit your questions Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and hear our answers live on the show! Here’s what our listeners asked about this week:

  • If a girl brings a friend to a first date, it’s over right?
  • I’m dating someone with an STD. How screwed am I?
  • Some tips on how to make my IG profile a dating profile?
  • I think I’m dating someone in another relationship. How can I investigate/ not be creepy.
  • At the start of a relationship, how much time do you give before you have the talk?


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Man School & The Guy Spy

What does #MeToo mean for your love life? 

Jonathan Aslay, The Guy Spy, returns to co-host this week’s episode of Dates and Mates. Jonathan is America’s leading Midlife dating and relationship coach and author of Unlocking the Male Mind, Finding Love Online and Why Men Pull Away. Damona and Jonathan interview Matthew Solomon, author of Man School: Relating to Women in the #MeToo Era, and breakdown how we can better relate to each other in today’s dating environment:


Kourtney Kardashian dates younger men. Why don’t you?

Spotted: Post-breakup Kourtney Kardashian out on not one, but TWO dates with men 20 years her junior. This month we’ve seen Kourtney rebounding from breakup with Younes Bendjima (26) with Grownish star Luka Sabbat (20) and a yet to be named Younes look alike. Do you date younger, too? 

What secrets is your sexual partner keeping from you?

HuffPost reports that Three in Four people with an STI haven’t told their sexual partners about it. Why are so many people keeping it a secret? We have some insight.

Is love making you fat?

According to Men’s Health, the average person gains 36 pounds in a relationship. 17 of those pounds are gained in the first year of the relationship. The reasons people gain this weight may surprise you!  

Man School (16:40)

Today we welcome Matthew Solomon, author and empowerment coach specializing in communication & relationships. Matthew has always had a passion for equality and understanding, which is evident in his work as an author, coach and filmmaker. Damona and Jonathan sit down with Matthew and take a closer look at Man School: Relating with Women in the #MeToo Era. They talk about:

  • How #MeToo changed the way we date
  • How to make a women feel comfortable when you approach her
  • Toxic Masculinity
  • The Friend zone
  • Porn
  • How to pick up chicks
  • Tantra
  • Chivalry

Whether you’re a man or a woman, this book is an excellent read and has a lot of great lessons on how we can better relate to each other in today’s dating environment.


Submit your questions Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and hear our answers live on the show! Here’s what our listeners asked about this week:

  • How to get your man to crave more sex with you
  • When is it time to have that “DTR” talk?

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