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Date Lab: From introvert to extrovert

The night was wet and cold, and Jeff Savage, 38, really didn’t feel like going out. He’d already let Date Lab dissect his dating life once when he went out in 2017 with Katy Hospital, a graphic designer and kettlebell trainer who he says “went to bed too early” for his taste. He now regrets some of his original Date Lab application responses, like describing his dream date as “a riot grrl frontwoman turned development economist that likes her burgers rare.”

I wish I could say that I knew how Allie Kant, a 32-year-old tax manager, likes her burgers when I set up the two of them. What I did know was that she, like Jeff, enjoys running six days a week, loves dogs (she has a bichon poodle named Cosmo), and isn’t afraid to stay out a little late and have a few drinks.

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