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Divorced Not Dead & Down in the DMs


Dating after divorce seems impossible enough – but dating during pandemic times? It can be complicated, to say the least.

When dating after divorce and during pandemic times, the actual process of falling in love can be as complicated as finding your perfect match.

If your perfect match showed up at your doorstep tomorrow, what would you do?

For today’s guest, fashion-icon and Bravo star Caroline Stanbury, there was no question.

When her super hot prince Charming appeared in her life right as lockdown happened, they made the decision to move in together and see where the relationship went from there.

Kind of wild, right? 

Especially considering she’d recently been divorced with 3 kids. AND considering her new man was much younger than she was.


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Stick around because Caroline will tell us exactly how she conquered dating after divorce (and during pandemic times)

Prepare to be inspired!

But first we have headlines:



(2:41) Lizzo Shares Cheeky DM she sent Chris Evans When Drunk

As you’ve probably heard, Lizzo slid into Chris Evans’ DMs via some hilarious (albeit slightly confusing) drunk emoji choices. Damona tells us what we can from this hilarious exchange between two of our favs.


(5:10) Are your relationship intentions written all over your face?

A new study by Macquarie University inspires an AI that can predict what someone is looking for in a relationship. Unsurprisingly, it was also established that women are better than men at determining if matches are only interested in casual, uncommitted sexual relationships. Damona breaks it down.



Caroline Stanbury is a fashion icon, star of Bravo TV’s Ladies of London, host of the Divorced Not Dead Podcast, and an all-around fabulous person.

People, she’s been making headlines all over the world all over her life. She’s had plenty of well-documented relationships with Hugh Grant, Prince Andrew, among others.

Today, she joins Damona to talk about how she conquered dating after divorce and dating during pandemic times.

(10:16) An in-depth look at how dating during pandemic times had a major impact on the seriousness and speed of her relationship and partnership with Sergio, her fiance. 

(13:57) “I’m being treated like I’m some sort of wheel-chaired grandmother that’s gone to Magaluf and picked up a waiter.”

Sergio, Caroline’s fiance, and a professional soccer player, is some years younger than she is. The British Press has been quite ruthless and the double standard is astounding.

(16:00) Age ain’t nothin’ but a number… however would Caroline have agreed to a date if she’d known his age from the jump?

(18:22) Caroline views her engagement and relationship with Sergio as her second chance at happiness. Plus, she feels that life after divorce can be the best time of your life. 

(23:33) Caroline’s Philosophy: Overcoming fear is a huge part of living the life you deserve. Divorce can be scary and devastating, but it doesn’t have to be the end of happiness. 

(31:12) Stop making lists! Caroline believes in ditching the lists to check off all of the qualities of your future love. 

Want More of Caroline Stanbury?

Caroline’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolinestanbury/?hl=en 

Listen to Damona’s episode of the Divorced Not Dead Podcast: damonahoffman.com/dnd



Submit your questions Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and hear our answers live on the show! Here’s what our listeners asked about this week:

  • (Email/Anonymous): I just listened to the episode with Rich Juzwiak. His discussion on pot use and how it can impact relationships hit home with me. My husband I would party together in college and smoke pot. After we got married and had kids, I stopped smoking weed because I found it didn’t work well with parenting. My husband never stopped and it’s now an issue between us. He stays home with the kids while I’m at work. It really bothers me that he’s high when home alone with the kids. What if there’s an emergency? We’ve talked about it many times. He refuses to stop. He refuses to get help. He refuses to get couples counseling. Yet he maintains that he loves me and cares for me and my desires. I want to support him. I took my vows seriously. When he’s not high or drunk, he’s amazing. Rich says it’s okay to leave a relationship if philosophies about pot are vastly different. But it’s not that simple. I can’t just walk away from a 10 year relationship with kids. Help!


  • (Meryl): This is Meryl. I’m American living in Tel Aviv. I moved here about two years ago. And I just want to let you know that I listen to your podcast all the time. While I’m working & while I’m at home. And I really have enjoyed it a lot. my question for you is, if they’re good at faking it, and I’m doing everything you say, I tell them, what I’m looking for straight up and very honest. And you know, is there a good time? Like, I’m waiting personally 30 days minimum to sleep with anyone, because, you know, by the fifth day are usually weeding them out, but I’ve just honestly, I’m slowly losing energy to care anymore. And so, I’m curious, what is your thoughts on, you know, dating in a different culture with a different language? Even if they have a great good English with a native, another language and what are your thoughts on? What’s the biggest red flags from an English speaking perspective while dating? Some of them what the different native language and you know how to really know, even if they’re good, the best fakers and the best at faking it how to really know if they’re serious, even if they’re saying, you know, they are



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