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Dear Damona: Beyoncé & The 35 Year Old Virgin

Giving you a little extra LOVE this week!

Today we’re back with another BONUS Dear Damona episode! Last week, I received a few questions from people who are feeling a little extra unlucky in dating, so I dedicated an entire episode to giving the Dates & Mates community a little extra love. 

If you’re a 35 Year Old Virgin, will men think there’s something wrong with you? (1:00)

If you’re openly dating a girl and she sees you on another date, is it awkward? (6:30)

If your man doesn’t like Beyoncé, should you drop him or educate him? (9:50)

How do I start dating when people don’t even give me a chance? (13:15)

Let me know if you like this “Dear Damona” Q & A style episode in the reviews!