Drew’s Love Bug: Dating Makeover

Damona’s back for another episode of The Drew Barrymore show – and not only that, she’s giving an amazing dating makeover to single mom Marianne to help her get her groove back after divorce.


Marianne had dated on apps and dealt with many a disappointing date that zapped her energy. Damona pulled from bag of dating tricks and made changes based on advice she gives to actual clients when building their dating profile. And with a few tweaks to her look, Marianne says she felt transformed from the outside in!

Here’s what Damona did:

  1. Added highlights to her hair – Highlights give the illusion of movement and add playfulness to one’s overall look.
  2. A bright red dress – The color red communicates the same feeling as a red light and says “stop and pay attention to me” (plus, we are all biologically wired to respond to the color red).
  3. An A-line cut – This silhouette is known for being flattering on all body types, and the movement of an A-line skirt can’t help but give off effortlessly flirty vibes.

But not only did Marianne get a full dating makeover, Drew also set her up with three amazing bachelors for a date on the spot!

See what happens HERE!