Dates Lab: Does he know you want a second date?

How do you end a date and let them know you would like a second one? Hate to say it, but this may be an example of what not to do.

Alicia Dixon must have looked like a superhero zipping on a scooter en route to her date. The 26-year-old was wearing black jeans and a top with black crepe sleeves that met in the back, in her words, “like a capelet.” She was the first to arrive at the Swiss restaurant Stable in the H Street NE corridor… Her date, Louie D’Agostino, finished his beer across the street and headed to Stable. An experienced “semi-blind” dater on apps, Louie, 31, likes to calm his nerves and loosen up with a brew or two before a date. “Like a two-drink minimum at a comedy club,” he explained.