I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately who still have reservations about online dating.  They ask: Would people think I wasn’t cool if I did it?  Should I really put my photo out there for EVERYONE to see?  What if I don’t get any dates there too?  I suppose these are fair questions but as someone who met her husband online I have realized that they are completely irrelevant once you’ve met the love of your life. 

In reality, online dating is the greatest possible expansion of your dating pool.  It’s such a great modern benefit that we aren’t relegated to only dating people in our social circle anymore.  It’s opened up the possibility for cross-cultural dating, people dating outside of their socio-economic status, and even cross-country dating which were all extremely rare in the pre-internet age.

One of my Los Angeles clients was hesitant about trying it and kept it completely in the dark with her family and friends but ended up connecting with someone who lived in Toronto.  She traveled a lot for her work so they had a whole story that they told people about meeting at the airport.  When things got more serious, however, they had to fess up to their families the real way they met.  They couldn’t keep it a secret from their loved ones forever.  Then, it was actually more embarrassing that they had to admit to people close to them that they had been lying all along.  Now they have a beautiful son and there is no shame in that.

I was talking to a former client this week who met his wife on JDate and I made the point to him that it’s like saying “Online shopping?  Oh, I don’t do that.”  He replied, “Actually, I don’t.  I hate the return process.”  Sort of an anomaly in this day and age but he met the perfect woman online anyhow.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on online dating,  feel free to post a comment or email me to join in the conversation.

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