Our guest co-host this week was Rachel True. Actress, tarot reader, life coach, and a personal friend of Damona’s, Rachel shared tips with us for mindfulness and attracting your ideal mate in 2018 as we create a dating vision for the new year.


New dating app seeks to find love through genetics

A dating app called Pheramor has been brewing over in Houston, set to be the nation’s very first genetics-based dating app. Rolling out in February on a large scale, Pheramor will use saliva swabs to break down the 11 unique factors of attraction you’re genetically disposed to possess. Then cross-referencing with a large database mined from social media profiles, they’ll pair you with those you’re physically wired to find interesting. You can read more via Houston Chronicle here.

How the tax overhaul alters alimony

The new GOP tax plan has certainly seen some . . . opinionated . . . responses, but divorced couples should pay attention to a provision of it. Couples divorced after December 31st, 2018 will find themselves having to play by the new rules. The spouse paying alimony can no longer claim it as a deductible, and the spouse receiving it no longer has to pay taxes on it. While this seems generally favorable on paper, experts worry that the higher-earning spouse will now negotiate to pay less alimony because they can’t claim it. You can read more via USA Today here.

Celebrity breakups of 2017

While there were several hot hookups we covered over the course of the year, our “In Memoriam” section is even spicier. Who was the celebrity couple you were most upset to hear called it quits? Fergie and Josh Duhamel? Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor? You can take a look at the list for yourself and decide via St. Louis Post-Dispatch here.


We pull the best questions posted on The Textpert App and BlackPeopleMeet.com, including:

  • Why black men date full-figured white women but won’t give a black woman a second glance
  • Why women like bad boys and never give nice guys a chance
  • Best date night ideas

And many more . . .


We got Rachel’s lightning-fast love advice in another rapid-fire rendition of Dating Dot Dot Dot.

_________ is always sexy

_________ is never sexy

The biggest red flag on a dating profile is _________

The most common first date mistake is____________

The most important quality in a wife is _____________

The most important quality in a husband is _________


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