Dating can be hard enough when you don’t have to worry about finals, fitting in time at your job, and your relationship surviving summer break.

Here are my top 5 reasons that dating in college in 2014 rocks:

Online dating gives you options – With dating sites enable you to meet people outside of school and expand your dating pool. You also can do it on your time so if you only have free time to send messages at midnight, you can still keep the conversation going.

Skype dating – You’re from the east coast, your boyfriend is from the west. What do you do when summer break rolls around? With skype, Google hangout, snapchat and more you can still keep the conversation going miles apart.

No pressure to settle down – It used to be that some women went to college to get their M.R.S. degree. As someone that has my M.R.S. as well as a B.S. and two post-graduate certifications I’m really happy that my education years could be about learning rather than trying to snag a husband. People are settling down later and the marriage rate is lower than it’s ever been so you can date around in college and focus on YOU.

Proximity – I’m always hearing from singles that prefer to date out of convenience. They don’t want to travel across town for love. In college you are surrounded by a concentrated pool of mostly single people with whom you share similar interests.

Exploration is encouraged – As long as you’re being smart and safe, college is a great time to explore your sexuality without labels, baggage, or expectations.

There are some things that bug me about college dating in 2014 though. First, texting – it’s killing our communication. Try to encourage your date to pick up the phone. It reduces misunderstandings and builds chemistry when you can see your date face to face or her their voice on the phone.

Second, group hang out dates. It’s either a hang-out or a date. Getting together as a group only creates dating confusion. If you like someone you must connect one-on-one.

Third, going dutch – Men used to save up for weeks to afford a proper date. Now with a more casual dating scene it’s almost expected for girls to pony up half the cash.

New technology and cultural developments have changed the world of dating but if we embrace the benefits they’ve brought us and protect certain values around chivalry and courtship, college students can date more efficiently and effectively and have fun in the process.


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