Check In on Your New Year's Love Resolution

Check In on Your New Year’s Love Resolution

Gyms see a giant increase in new members at the beginning of every year. But any regular gym rat knows that come March, the well-intended goal of losing weight and getting in shapes falls off for most people. Allowing gym regulars to get their favorite treadmill back, or thin out the crowd in a Pilates class. It’s no one’s fault, three months is about the benchmark that new resolution following gets to. And, like we’ve said before, looking for love is a lot like following a diet plan and workout regime. You have to be diligent to see results.

Finding a mate ranks among the top 5 New Year’s resolutions for Americans but between 10-20% of New Year’s resolutions are broken by mid-year. With clever planning, serious motivation, and modern technology, daters can avoid becoming a statistic this year. So, in honor of the three month mark, here’s how to stay on track with you 2014 Love Resolution!

The holidays get singles thinking about pairing up. And those in bad relationships tend to break things off and look for something new (perhaps it’s the pressure of gift-buying that sends them packing?) so online dating sites see a 15 to 20 percent surge in membership between Thanksgiving and Valentines Day.

You can increase your chances of meeting someone by making a list of behaviors in your life that are keeping you from dating or being open to a relationship which you’d like to change—this is your dating resolution for the next quarter of the year. Some examples of dating resolutions are pulling back on long hours at work, aiming to speak to strangers at a bar rather than keeping to yourself or with friends, agreeing to go on blind dates that friends set up, joining MeetUp groups—basically anything that tells the world you’re single and ready to mingle. So get yourself out there!!

It also helps to have a dating sponsor to set goals and monitor your progress with you.  This can be a friend or a professional but just like a 12-step program it will be someone who understands your situation and is there to support you along the way. When you have someone to hold you to your actions you stay on track. Enlist your most nosy, excitable friend (we all have one) to help you with your love goals. Give them a weekly checklist of questions to bug you about, keeping your resolution at the forefront of your mind.

Winter is the hardest time of the year for daters to stay motivated to go out on dates. But it’s winter no more! Baseball season has begun which means it’s springtime which is the season of love! Get yourself out there and get seen. Eat your lunches in the park, smile at strangers, take yourself on day dates to museums, farmer’s markets, and bookstores. Plenty of other singles are out there waiting for you to find them. Don’t give up, get creative!

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