Our guest co-host this week was Naomi Grossman. You know her as the character Pepper from AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM and AHS: FREAK SHOW, but Naomi’s also appeared in several feature films. Considered for an Emmy for Pepper in 2015 and named one of iMDB’s Top 10 Breakout Stars, Naomi’s reputation precedes her. A gifted performer who also travels the country with live one-woman shows that share her true stories on love, let’s give her big smooches!


Wild New World of Dating

By 2024, 70 percent of couples are expected to have met online. That goes hand-in-hand with the fact that we’re expected to be able to go one fully immersive VR dates within the next two decades, including the sensations of touch and smell. We may even be able to get advice in real time from the apps! You can read more about it via NBC News here.

New App Wants to Turn Haters Into Daters

New app Hater is based off of things people mutually despise. Founder Brendan Alper recently pitched this on Shark Tank and walked away with a cool $200,000. Once you sign in, you’re presented with 4,000 things you can say you love or hate. The app then pairs you with people who hate similar things. What do you think, is it easier to get along with people that hate the same things as opposed to those who like the same things. You can read more about it via Providence Journal here.

Women in Japan Too Tired To Care About Dating

60 percent of Japanese women are now uninterested in dating: they’re just too overworked and drained! However, 80 percent are still interested in marriage; interestingly enough, those numbers are exactly switched for Japanese men. What’s the solution? You can read more about it via The Japan Times here.

J-Law Is Back on the Market

Jennifer Lawrence recently split from her boyfriend, filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, after a year of dating. Although it seems to be an amiable split, with J-Law acknowledging Darren is a great dad, the age gap and the stress of promoting Aronofsky’s recent film, MOTHER!, seems to have taken a toll. You can read more about it via USA Today here.


We pull the best questions posted on The Textpert App, including:

  • An ex that insisted on a social media blackout, only to make accounts immediately after the breakup
  • How to handle feelings for your best friend
  • Tinder hook-up etiquette

And many more . . .


We got Naomi’s lightning-fast love advice in another rapid-fire rendition of Dating Dot Dot Dot.

_________ is always sexy

_________ is never sexy

The biggest red flag on a dating profile is _________

The most common first date mistake is____________

The most important quality in a wife is _____________

The most important quality in a husband is _________

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