Dear Damona: First Kiss & Work Crush


Like many big cities, Los Angeles dating seems daunting at first. Where do you find dates? Can you date a work crush? Why aren’t there any available singles?

But as I learned years ago, Los Angeles dating – and dating everywhere – doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn from my mistakes!

You know one of the favorite things about my job is giving advice. This week’s episode is all about answering the questions that you have submitted and throwing a few stories in there from my own dating experience. Plus Producer Leah joins me with insight from the millennial dating perspective.


Do you have any tips on how to pay compliments to guys? 

Our listener writes, “I feel like it’s flirting 101 but I must have missed that life lesson. Whenever a guy gives me a compliment I want to return the favor. But outside of “you’re beard game is strong” which idk if that counts”

I certainly wasn’t looking for an office romance, I’ve found myself attracted to a coworker. 

Our listener Geneva explains, “We hit it off so well and laugh and joke about things every single day at work. Since there’s a lot at stake when having a relationship with a coworker, I’d like to subtly let him know I’m interested and open to exploring a relationship. Do you have any advice for how to do this in an obvious yet subtle way that will still allow him to save face if he’s not into me? I don’t want to create an awkward work situation.”

How do I move on from texting to calling her and then finally asking her out? 

Who reaches out to who after the 1st date? Do you let the person know if you wanna keep talking or not?

How does the first kiss go? Like what is the right way to do it?

What do you do when you started talking to a guy but then a major life event happened and you feel like you need some time before continuing anything? 

Something major happened to a close friend of mine recently and I just started seeing this guy but idk how to tell him I need a little space without telling him what happened because it’s such an intimate thing.

What’s a good way to get back in with someone you were messaging?

Why are people so crappy? 

Our listener asks, “People say you allow other people’s behavior towards you. What I don’t understand is why is it that a person has to act crappy towards another person. They know what they are doing and then when you say something about it, they get upset and it gets blown out of proportion.”