Our guest co-host this week was James Simmons of askthenp.org and The Weekly Dose. A board certified nurse practitioner with eight years of critical care experience, James offers honest and down-to-Earth advice on a variety of topics. We sat down with him to discuss sexual health.



Tinder users have way less casual sex than you think

Though the impression is that people who use Tinder are hooking up all the time, a Norwegian study recently proved that not all that many people on apps are getting lucky. In fact, you’re pretty much just as likely to get some action at a bar as an app. Maybe “hook up culture” is all hype. You can read more via Men’s Health here.

Orbiting is the new dating trend to watch out for

Orbiting occurs when you cut off all direct, meaningful communication but continue to engage with someone on social media: liking Instagram posts, favoriting Tweets, that kind of thing. This means you’re keeping someone in orbit, close enough to see each other, but far enough to never directly reach out. You can read more via Huffington Post here.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are an item

The singer and comedian, both 24 years old, have started a “very casual” relationship. Apparently things kicked off during Grande’s 2016 SNL performance, and the two have been BFFs ever since. You can read more via Mashable here.


We pull the best questions posted on The Textpert App, including:

  • What to do if you recently hooked up with a neighbor
  • What to do if your libido is lower than your partner’s
  • How to handle an unpleasant sensation down there after sex

And many more . . .

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Check out James Simmons’ The Weekly Dose and more at AsktheNP.org

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