TV Dating Expert Damona Hoffman Doubles Down on Dating Content
Damona Hoffman met the love of her life on a dating site over a decade ago, so she knows how life-changing creating a dating profile can be. As a professional dating coach, she encourages her clients to think strategically about dating and create engaging profiles and messages that’ll make them stand out…
Certified Dating Strategist Damona Hoffman Gives Singles a Tactical Plan of Action to Find Love. “Focused on personal branding, Damona Hoffman has figured out the optimal ways to flirt with your crush and secure a great date. From creating a dating profile to texting after a first date, Damona provides step-by-step guidance for singles eager to start their love stories.” — Amber Brooks, Contributing Editor of

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Welcome to cuddle season: 3 tips to spruce up your online dating profile
As we move from Halloween and into November, many single people renew their focus on finding a partner for the holidays. It so happens that fall is the peak season for finding love online. But as some lonely hearts may know, romance on the interwebs is not without its challenges. But never fear! Certified dating coach Damona Hoffman joined the show to…

People Magazine
5 Women Embark on Journey to Find Their Soulmates in FYI’s #BlackLove
With the guidance of relationship experts Damona Hoffman and Jack A. Daniels, the women will navigate the dating world – including returning to the scene after divorce, pursuing same-sex love and negotiating interracial relationships – all while…

Essence Magazine
Black Women Search for Love in New ‘Black Love’ Reality Show
On each episode, the women will attend workshops “on provocative themes related to love” and consult with relationships experts Damona Hoffman and Jack A. Daniels, ESSENCE has learned. The women each come with their own unique perspective…

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