There is no doubt that the online dating business is booming. As I say in my book, “D is for Dating”, we spend so much time online between working, shopping, and entertainment that it’s no wonder that people find dates online too. However, what happens when you are so busy that you can’t even be bothered to do the searches yourself or send your own emails.   You call an outsourcer – sometimes referred to as an “online dating assistant.”

In my mind, these folks aren’t online dating assistants, they are robbers of your online dating experience. It is a lot of work to find the one. That is why I always say to my clients that you have to be ready to commit to the process before you start online dating. Yet, date shopping that is also part of the fun. Figuring out a clever opening line for someone you really want to hear back from is what gets your blood pumping. Getting clarity on who you are and synthesizing that into a profile is what helps you attract the RIGHT person. Remember it’s quality over quantity.

That is why Dear Mrs D will never do it all for you.I’m a true dating assistant. I support people and help lead them to meet their perfect mate and it saddens me to think that there are people robbing daters of their online dating experience. Besides, if you don’t have the time to even write an email, how will you make time for someone new in your life? Just doesn’t make sense to me but judge for yourself after watching this clip from the Today Show.

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