16974884-funny-valentine-heart-cartoon-characterAccording to my clients, one of the most desired qualities in a mate is humor. However, most people list this without qualifying it. Sense of humor is one of the most subjective aspects of someone’s personality. What you find funny is dependent on your upbringing, demeanor, culture, age, parents sense of humor, early influences – there are so many factors to making someone laugh which are difficult to qualify. So when you say in your profile, I want to meet someone funny, you might as well say, “I want to meet someone with a face,” because they both tell us nothing specific.

If you can be specific about what makes you laugh, that is much more valuable. For instance, if I said, “Any Steve Martin movie from the 80s can still crack me up but I have a particularly affinity for ‘The Jerk’ because I too was born a poor, black child.” Now you know just how ridiculous I really am. I like broad, physical humor. Never fail to laugh at a banana peel pratfall. My husband on the other hand prefers a more intellectual Colbert-ian sort of humor. And yet we can meet in the middle in a “Bridesmaids”, “Tropic Thunder”, or Judd Apatow movie.

As subjective as it is, humor is very important to any relationship. If you can’t cry, laugh, and excite one another, then what do you have? So this Valentine’s Day, tell your date exactly what hits your funny bone.

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