How has interracial dating changed?

We had a great show this week! In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to shed some light on the world of modern interracial dating. Guest Kim Etheredge, founder of Mixed Chicks, joined us on Dates & Mates to share her experiences and perspectives as well as talk about what inspired the creation of her Mixed Chicks brand! Make sure to check out the entire episode below!

Co-Host Ray Christian (Textpert App CEO) & I also dug into some juicy topics:

  • Is Trump the one we thank for the spike in online dating? Find out why…..
  • ABC FINALLY cast a black bachelorette (and why this matters)
  • With online dating scams on the rise, here’s how to stay safe
  • Is monogamy natural? This celebrity thinks it’s not.

And much more! Make sure to listen to the full episode below!!




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