Meet Your Man in 30 Days or Less

Meet Your Man in 30 Days or Less

If you read my last blog this week, you already know that the best time of the year to be logged on to your dating site or app is this week.

This is the time of the year when the most users will be signed online and looking for love.

You see, dating sites all see a surge in new users between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve and this Sunday evening is the time when all those new users will be thinking about starting the new year fresh and hoping to make a change in their relationship status.

We always start the new year with the best of intentions. Yet, according to Forbes magazine, by the end of the year only 8% of people will have achieved their goal.

So if you were one the people who made “Meeting a Mate” one of the most popular new year goals, then I hate to break it to you but statistics show you probably won’t meet your match.

92% of people who are hoping to meet their partner simply won’t do it. Then, they’ll chalk it up to fate not being on their side.

I think that’s a cop-out.

I have seen that if you approach any goal you want to achieve following 3 basic principles, you will reach it. Even in love. Actually, especially in love. In love, most people leave everything to chance so the clients I work with are usually SHOCKED at how quickly their luck in love turns around.

That’s because meeting your mate has nothing to do with luck.

On Thursday, January 7th I’m going to share my quick change secrets in two live webinars

How to Meet Your Man in 30 Days…or Less (for women)


How to Get the Girl in 30 Days…or Less (for men)

Your success in meeting a mate relies on the same 3 factors that have generated all the results in the rest of your life.

Let’s take your career for example. Think back to last time you reached a milestone at work. What were the 3 principles that helped you get there?

1. A GOAL – At work, you know clearly the metrics you are looking to reach. However, have you put any TANGIBLE goals on your love life?

2. A PLAN – Once you knew the goal you wanted to achieve you designed a series of steps to get there and voila, the impossible became possible!

3. SUPPORT – No goal is achieved alone. Think of the people whose guidance, support, and encouragement kept you on track even when the going got tough.

Getting what you want seems so simple when you break it down in this way.

Now think of your journey to find your mate. How does that process feel?





What if there was a way to take the 3 goal reaching principles I just mentioned and apply them to finding love?

What if you could feel like you had control of your love life?

What if you could select a mate that was the perfect fit for you out of a host of options?

What if you could feel attractive, cherished, and supported by a partner who had all the qualities you wanted in a mate…

It’s possible.

Don’t take my word for it though. Listen to what my client Melanie said just 3 weeks after beginning to work with me:

Damona has really transformed my attitude and outlook on dating which can be overwhelming and frustrating to say the least. She has great exercises that not only helped me to define what I am looking for in a man but also what I feel I have to offer my partner. Her tips on dating, which cover everything from date ideas, to personal safety when meeting someone new, to conversation starters, to crafting the perfect online dating profile, were tremendously helpful.

I am now happily dating someone and have Damona to thank in large part for keeping me open-minded, instilling confidence in me, and reminding me never to settle.

There’s a reason that a major cable network (FYI TV) hired me to host their newest TV dating show and lead singles through my dating coaching program.

It’s because my methods get results quickly.

It’s because I know how to harness the power that people already have inside themselves to meet their match.

If you are determined to not become a statistic this year and to be among the elite 8% and reach your 2016 goal of meeting a mate, join me for this life-changing webinar series.

How to Meet Your Man in 30 Days…or Less


How to Get the Girl in 30 Days…or Less

Spots are limited. Click here to reserve your space.

And if you know someone else who is suffering in their singlehood, why not forward this email and include them in this life-changing journey.

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