This election season is drawing to a close, but we’re here to discuss the effects of this cycle when it comes to couples whose political stances are at odds. Is there a way to make things work when you are vying for opposing candidates?

We had guests Michelle Toglia and Maria Avgitidis on the show to talk about the struggles couples may have when they don’t support the same candidate, and how this might impact a relationship when either partner feels strongly about their partners’ political choices. We also dove into how this election cycle has also been causing a lot of stress over the past few months, and how you can learn to cope with that.

In addition, we also tackled:

  • Prince Harry’s potential interracial relationship with….an American?
  • Is “Cuffing Season” a hit or a miss?
  • The real deal with millennials and prenups
  • And more great Textpert App dating and relationship Q&A

Make sure to check out the full episode below!


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