Our guest co-host this week was Dr. Aesha who is affectionately called The Love Doctor. She’s the winning matchmaker on season 2 of GSN’s hit matchmaking show, “It Takes A Church.” A powerful speaker, Dr. Aesha empowers and educates audiences to create a lasting legacy of love, marriage, and family. We asked her some important questions about dating and finding romance as a black woman.

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The Upcoming Royal Wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to wed in May of 2018 with the entire Royal Family’s blessing. As you may have heard, this has been a hot-button topic due to the fact that Markle is a biracial American. But was the first biracial member of the Royal Family Princess Catherine of the 18th century? We talk about details involving the wedding and discuss Catherine’s potential claim to fame. You can read more about it via the Washington Post here.

What is the Sexiest Accent?

Perhaps inspired by all this talk of Prince Harry, a survey was recently conducted that proved heterosexual women find British accents the most desirable. Meanwhile, heterosexual men find Israeli accents the hottest. You can read more about it and think about what accent turns you on via The Guardian here.

The Tasty Tinder Trick You’ve Been Missing Out On

Good news for those who like to eat, as it’s recently been proven that mentioning food on dating apps gets you a significant boost in responses. What’s hot? Guacamole, potatoes, and chocolate. What’s not? You’ll have to listen to find out, but you can read about it in the meantime over at The Daily Mercury.

The Dangers of Dating Young

We had to close out the dish with something a little more sobering: violence in young relationships is on the rise. Women between the ages of 16 and 24 are three times more likely to suffer partner violence, and if they’re the ones that broke up with their partner, the risk of violence increases by 70 percent. What’s the cause of all this? What’s the solution? You can read more about it via Democrat and Chronicle.


We pull the best questions posted on The Textpert App, including:

  • What to do if your boyfriend’s daughter calls you “Mom”
  • How to handle racist parents if you have a black boyfriend
  • What to do if you’re having trust issues

And many more . . .


We got Dr. Aesha’s lightning-fast love advice in another rapid-fire rendition of Dating Dot Dot Dot.

_________ is always sexy

_________ is never sexy

The biggest red flag on a dating profile is _________

The most common first date mistake is____________

The most important quality in a wife is _____________

The most important quality in a husband is _________


With the holiday season coming up, Damona and Dr. Aesha play a fun game wherein they pull cards with the name of common gifts on them and give their opinions. Remember, the best gift is always an experience that you can share together!

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