This week’s Guest Co-Host: Brett McGinn, founder of the dating consulting service

Brett McGinn of







Brett is a self-professed romantic and lover of love who is dedicated to helping the brokenhearted heal. We asked Brett some tough questions about breakups and negative behavior in relationships, as he’s become an expert after years of consoling people through the stickier situations of love.


  • A study from the University of Vienna, which set about looking into the societal impacts of online dating. There were some hot-button items, including an uptake in strong, long-lasting marriages among those who met online, and an increase in interracial couples. If you’re curious to learn more, you can read the article for yourself here.
  • Demi Lovato publicly announced her bisexuality and that’s she’s trusting the dating app Raya with her romantic future.
  • The singer Pink’s bold and surprising claims about her marriage! Although all couples bicker and fight, Pink referenced the fact sometimes she can’t believe she married her husband, in addition to hinting that they’ve had dry spells lasting up to a year. What’s going on there, girl?


We pulled the top questions posted on The Textpert App including:

  • Coming out to your mom
  • Flirty messages to your boyfriend from a co-worker
  • Dating older men
  • and more


In another rapid-fire rendition of Dating Dot Dot Dot we addressed relationship challenges. In this segment, Damona reads off the start of a phrase related to the trickier aspects of relationships, and our co-host fills in the blanks with on the spot love advice. Today’s expert insights included:

  1. A relationship has gone bad when . . .
  2. It’s time to break things off when . . .
  3. The biggest warning sign that a relationship is doomed is . . .
  4. The best way to get over someone is . . .
  5. You should keep in touch with your ex if . . .


Considering the Harvey Weinstein news, Damona felt compelled to do a diatribe on CONSENT.

Damona’s Diatribe tackles what women really mean by certain phrases:

  1. I’m so busy right now…
  2. I’m not looking for a relationship…
  3. I’m still getting over my ex…
  4. You’re a nice guy but…

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