How To Nix Dick Pics

Ladies, have you literally had it up to HERE with receiving unwarranted scrotum snapshots from completely clueless guys on online dating sites?

If you simply just CANNOT anymore with penis photos overflowing your email inbox, iMessage threads and your local P.O. box, have no fear. It is possible to end this horror.

Here are 6 Ways To Nix Dick Pics:

1. Refrain From All Forms Of Sexting

Choose neutral language when messaging a guy online; language that is not filled with sexual innuendo, sexually-loaded question, or any insinuations about sexual preference or skill.

Let’s be honest; Ladies, sometimes we can inadvertently give a guy the idea that it is alright to send a JPEG of this junk by the way we message him. Don’t lead with sexual subjects, no matter if they are blatant or encoded. When, it comes to sex, men can decode things even when there’s nothing to decode Subjects like these could build intense sexual tension on his part, making it more likely for him to feel compelled to send a dick pic. Focus on building report with him first, if sexual chemistry  arises there will be no need for a dick pic.

2. No Half/Semi-Nude Pictures On Your Part

Select photos that show off your full-body physique, but refrain from showing too much cleavage, booty-butt-cheeks, and/or anything that you would not want your grandmother to see.

This may come as no surprise: Guys construct an idea of the type a woman you are by the photos you select for your dating profile. By leading with your physical assets (i.e. boobs, butt, legs, or worse) you are providing that opening for a man to feel safe sending you a photo of what he’s working with as well. It makes sense, well at least it does to men. In order to nix the dick pics, it is recommended that women choose photos that exudes her intelligence, knack for traveling, love for her family, friends, and pets, or the fact that she can play an instrument or cook award-winning meals. How many dick pics do you think Martha Stewart receives on the daily. Don’t worry, I’ll wait..

3. Don’t Request To Exchange Pictures

By asking to to exchange picture is opening Pandora’s Box. DO NOT do it. Use websites like Facebook and Instagram, if you want a better look at the guy you are talking to.

By exchanging pictures with a guy, you are leaving it up to his own judgement to send you any picture of himself. When first talking to a guy online, do not give him this option. Instead, if you are really interested in a guy but don’t want receive a dick pic, try connecting with him via websites that store plenty of picture of him in social situations, not just one of him in the bathroom with his pants down. Though the holiday season is among us; the last thing any girl wants is the image of a guys dick, box or no box.

4. Keep It Online, Until It’s Safe

Don’t move offline too fast without knowing if the guy can be trusted. You never know what could happen when there’s too many dicks on the dance floor (or, on a dating site).

Most online dating sites allow for messaging between two people within the website itself, never making the exchange of phone numbers, email addresses or home addresses necessary. Utilize these messaging features to protect yourself from penis wielding photographers by fostering a non-sexual conversation through the website itself. Once you know that the guy can be trusted and that his dick in safely in his Dockers, then can you move offline with this guy.

5. Report/Block All Dicks

If by chance you do receive an unwarranted dick pic –  report or block this guy from the dating you are using. Save another girl from experiencing the same thing.

This tip will not completely eliminate any chance of you receiving a dick pic in the  future, but it does lower the chances of other women being sent a dick pic from the same guy. If every woman who received a disgusting and unwarranted dick pic reported the guy to the online dating website administrators, this would greatly reduce the amount of these type of guys online.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Mean

If you receive a dick pic, tell the guy exactly how it is. Be harsh, be honest and be mean.

It is about time dick pics are nixed for good. The only way this can happen is if women voice their opinions on how disgusting and immature they are. Women have the power to affect a man’s action by being candid and stern. By telling guys that you don’t appreciate their dick pic will undoubtedly lead to the lessing of dick pics sent to women around the world.

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