Our guest host this week was Francesca Hogi. Francesca Hogi, matchmaker, dating expert, and former Survivor contestant shares her advice on dating during the holidays. Plus, headlines including Dakota Johnson’s type, a new OKCupid feature, and the effects of spanking children on their love lives. Plus, questions from listeners, including what happens when you fall for a married man and whether or not a guy should shave his chest for you after three dates.


Dakota Johnson’s Definitely Dating Again

Though she’s recently been seen with Jon Hamm and even Elon Musk, Dakota Johnson, star of 50 Shades of Grey, seems to have settled in with Coldplay singer Chris Martin. It’s been confirmed with US Weekly, but what about that Musk money??? Find out more about Dakota’s love life and her clear type via W Magazine here.

OKCupid’s New Rules

OKCupid’s throwing the dating world for a spin by expressing their interest in moving away from the traditional swipe-based format. Finding that this is superficial and leads to bad matches, they’re now instituting a feature that lets you search by shared interests. Read more about this huge change via EndGadget here.

Spanked Children are More Likely to Commit Dating Violence

Unfortunately, we’ve been seeing a surge in dating violence, and new studies show it may be due to the perpetrators being spanked as children. While physically punishing your child is on its way out in terms of popularity, many parents still make use of it. You can read more about the chilling conclusions via USA Today here.


We pull the best questions posted on The Textpert App, including:

  • How you should handle dating a married man
  • Who should be the one that initiates sex in a relationship, especially if there’s been a dry spell
  • How to go about telling your boyfriend to shave his hairy chest

And many more . . .


Especially with the holidays coming up, more and more people are considering taking the plunge into online dating. But many are too scared to begin! Damona’s had it up to here with some of the unfair misconception of online dating daters, and wants to let you know what the truth is.


We got Francesca’s lightning-fast love advice in another rapid-fire rendition of Dating Dot Dot Dot.

_________ is always sexy

_________ is never sexy

The biggest red flag on a dating profile is _________

The most common first date mistake is____________

The most important quality in a wife is _____________

The most important quality in a husband is _________


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