I met with a new potential client a few weeks back who by all account should not be single.  She’s gorgeous, smart, and interesting to talk to but there was one issue that we just couldn’t get past.  She was already married…to her work.  She promised that if she found someone special she would find the time but then wondered if it was ok to do work side by side with a partner so you could be together even if you have to work at home. My theory is that you have to make the space in your life for that someone special first.  Even if you are going through the dating motions but you still have work on the brain it will be apparent.  Do my husband and I work side by side now once we’ve gotten had dinner together, put the baby to bed, and talked with one another?  Yes, sometimes, but that is not the norm and it happens AFTER we’ve connected, not in place of it.

Whenever I coach I it causes me to look at my own life and see if I’m practicing what I preach.  I’m not looking for love but having a new baby really is about building a relationship with a new person.  I realized that I wasn’t living my advice with her.  I was there but I wasn’t always present. So much like breaking up with a person who you think is fantastic but you know is not right for you, I had to give up a great job.

Today marks the beginning of an interesting new chapter where I learn to create the space in my life for all the things I love.  Even though I’m married and settled the same themes that I discuss with my clients still present themselves in my life.  And today I’m creating space…


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