Dating Dish (2:20)

Dating App Safety
Surprise! Your personal information is put at risk through dating apps. Internet security firm Kaspersky recently ran test hacks to see just how bad things are. The results? Not too promising, as people can easily access your social media profiles, locations, and much more just from your dating profiles. Read more about it yourself through Gizmodo here:

Swipe Right
YouTube Red is premiering a new comedy, SWIPE RIGHT, starring AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE actress Carly Craig. SWIPE RIGHT will focus on romance in a dating app-dominated era, and involve a woman who vows to meet with all 225 of her Tinder matches. What do you think, is there any way this could happen in real life? You can read more about it through Engadget here:

Boomerang Breakup
Hip hop power couple Cardi B and Offset had a boomerang breakup this weekend, as Cardi B broke social media’s hearts by saying the pair were calling it quits, only to clear the air a few hours later. Is social media making love too dramatic? You can read more about it through Page Six here:

Halloween Horror Stories

Billiards or Bust (9:52)
Now there’s nothing wrong with getting your freak on from time to time, but for our first dating-related Halloween Horror Story, Michael tells a tale of how things turned downright deadly. Things were already a little strange when he accepted a date: he was immediately invited over, wine and hard liquor were flowing, and a game of strip billiards left him clothed and the woman completely naked. But that wasn’t even the most shocking part because when she went to the kitchen to get more to drink, she came back with a surprise…

Hot and Heavy Hurricane (21:50)
Making a connection is hard enough, but imagine trying to go on a first date during a hurricane! Well during Hurricane Irma, Jasmin found herself in just that situation. But things kept taking a turn for the worse as the pair struggled to find somewhere to eat after it ended. Keep in mind, this is a guy that felt he wasn’t dressed nice enough for T.G.I. Friday’s . . .

The Mad Scientist (29:30)
Thanksgiving night, and Tavishya found herself trekking two hours to meet with her date who was getting his Ph.D. in Science. Things were already unsettling enough in the holiday ghost town campus, but got even stranger when her date showed up and invited her into the greenhouse he was conducting experiments in. As Tavishya walked further and further into the pitch-black greenhouse, she began to fear the worst . . .

The Best of Both Worlds (39:17)
Symphony had met a man through Facebook, and the two had been hitting it off for a year before they decided to take the plunge and meet in person. However, when she got to dinner, Symphony noticed that her date kept making reference to a big secret he had to tell her. It turns out her date was not the person Sinfonia thought he was . . .

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