We’re all working on ourselves in some way and I’ve always been one for self-improvement whether by reading books, taking workshops or just learning in the school of life.  So now my latest personal growth endeavor is working with a life coach.  You have a golf coach if you are learning about golf, a dating coach if you’re learning about dating and a life coach if you’re learning about life. 

Anyhow, I got an assignment –do a nightly gratitude journal.  A gratitude journal?  What the heck is that?  It’s a journal where you write down the things that you’re already grateful for.  We spend so much time wanting and wishing and hoping and hardly any time pausing to think about the things, the people, the moments in our lives that we’re grateful for.  Most people I know (myself included) are more focused on what they could have in the future that they sometimes forget to look at what they have in the present.

I haven’t been able to do write nightly but in the times that I do write, I can’t believe how much perspective it gives me on my place in the world and all the abundance that I already have.  And I’m grateful just for having found the time.

If you feel like you’re still searching for something, try this exercise and look around at what you do have.  You might find that just getting out of that energy of “wanting” might take you into a new place of “having.”  That was probably a couple hundred bucks of life coaching that I just gave you for free.  Be grateful.

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