Do You Buy Him A Holiday Gift or Not?

The holidays are officially here: YIKES!

Thanksgiving dinner probably went off without a hitch, excluding the fact that you had to managed to dodge a few arrant questions from one of your elder family members about your current love life.

Your educational rearing and mediocre critically thinking abilities paid off; marred with your expecting of intrusive and ill-timed inquires into your private life. “HE’s back home with his family,” or “I’m sure HE has has his own family too,” grinning nervously as you stuff your mouth with room-temperature mac-and-cheese.

For all intensive purposes, thanksgiving was a success.

But maybe “HE” actually does exist! Maybe “HE” is back in Nebraska for break. Or maybe “HE” doesn’t. Maybe you have a crush or a guy you’ve been talking to, but it’s not serious yet. How do you know if you should buy him a gift?


Here Are 3 Ways To Tell :

1. If You Have Ever Exchanged Gifts Before

Obviously, if you and him have ever exchanged gifts previously then it is probably a good idea to exchange gifts during the holiday season. At this point exchanging gifts shouldn’t be that much of a icebreaker. If you believe it is, just ask questions like: “What do you want for Christmas?” That should pass the hint.

2. If You Want The Relationship To Go Further

It should not matter if he gets you a gift or not, the goal is to get the questions from your family to cease and to establish a legitimate relationship with him. You catch more flies with honey then vinegar. If want things to move in your favor; giving a gift could certainly speed the “favor-generator” right up.

3. If You’ve Gone Shopping Together Before/Know What He Likes

If the reason you don’t want to give this person a gift is because your unsure of what they would like;  think back to any time you and him have ever gone shopping together. Chances are, if you have, you already know what his style choices are; whether he prefers sneakers or hard-soled shoes, or what his favorite color is. Be creative, that’s always a plus.

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