The latest stats from my friends at OkCupid show that Vaccines are a big topic of conversation on dating apps. I join Your California Life to dish out some new pandemic dating advice.

Dating apps are now allowing users to list their covid vaccination status on their profiles. This new dating app feature can have a major impact on dating during the pandemic. Those who list that they are going to receive the vaccine are even getting more likes than those who decline to list their status.

On an even deeper level, couples who are already together may find they disagree on getting the vaccine. Honesty is important not only in pandemic dating advice but also in established relationships to make sure both people are on the same page particularly when it comes to the covid pandemic.

However, if your dating based on vaccine status, watch out for these two things:

🚨Vax status today doesn’t determine long-term compatibility tomorrow. In a month, someone’s vax status can change so continue to prioritize long-term compatibility!

🚨Vax status today does not necessarily mean that they are a more or less attractive match. Have a conversation about their future pandemic safety plans to see if you’re compatible!

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