Social media displays of affection can lead to Facebook stalking.

Social media displays of affection can lead to Facebook stalking.

Whether you’re single, dating, or in a relationship you may want to take heed of today’s post. There’s a recent trend that’s surfaced and it’s targeting those in love. It’s more uncomfortable and annoying than PDA—it’s SMDA: Social media displays of affection. And it could be ruining your love life.

Nowadays everything goes up on social media before whatever event you’re posting about has even come to its conclusion. If Ellen Degeneres’ Oscar tweet-seen-round-the-world taught us anything, it’s that people are listening even if they don’t want to. When you live out your life through social media you’re not living in the moment. You’re also providing way too many details about yourself without realizing it. This opens the door for exes,  Facebook stalkers, and all kinds of online trouble that just may kill your relationship before it even starts.

Almost everyone has a Facebook account nowadays, which means if you meet someone special they can check out your old swooning posts and love notes to an ex flame. Tagging your partner in every photo is just as bad as getting a tattoo of their name on your arm. This stuff doesn’t disappear easily people, but your new partner sure can.

After a break up you have to do plenty of emotional cleaning, sweeping away the grime and dirt left behind a pained experience. Now factor in all the online maintenance you have to manage and you’re heading on a one-way trip to reliving the past—which is never a good way to move on after a split. And, not only will you be traveling down a road re-opening old wounds, but, if you DON’T clean up the mess of all your schmoopy love crap left behind, you’ll be faced with plenty of embarrassment and potential disinterest from your next beau who’s forced to see the remnants of your broken heart.

So the next time you have a crush on someone, instead of telling it to your blog, tell it to your girlfriends in person. It will save you lots of hard work in the long run. Plus (not to be a defeatist), not everybody likes to be tagged or talked about online. What if the only time your significant other mentions you on THEIR page is only when you tagged them on yours? It’s a bit slanted, don’t you think? And this sort of uneven behavior can end up slanting the relationship so much that you eventually fall off the board.

There’s been way too many ex bashings, way too many taggings, and way too many displays of SMDA and it needs to STOP. If you’re single heed this lesson NOW: No one likes a tagger-tale when it comes to the privacy of a relationship. And if you’re in a relationship or are crushing on someone, unless your 14 years old, stop the online insanity and leave your relationship and your personal business where it belongs: Offline.

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