Is your credit score ruining your dating life?

Is your credit score ruining your dating life?

For those who have ended up dating someone that was a total let down… ON THEIR CREDIT SCORE, and to those who have terrible finances, both sides of the coin definitely understand why some dating sites choose to have all fiscal  information disclosed in advance. While money matters should definitely come into the couple conversation once talks about moving in together surface, it’s important to gather as much data about your date’s situation with finances before you become a fiancee.

Here’s why and what you can do to avoid getting the cashmere pulled over your eyes:


THEIR FINANCIAL FOIBLES BECOME YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Us married folk all got an additional present when we tied the knot:  Tying our financial future to our spouse. So if they’re 50K in debt, now you’re now 50k in debt just by saying “I do”. Plus, if you break up you’ll still be responsible for their accounts if they don’t pay. ‘Til bankruptcy do us part.

SPENDING HABITS CREATE CONFLICT: The number one cause of divorce is money. And one of the most difficult matches to sustain is that between a spender and a saver. If you know that your partner has similar attitudes towards money going into the relationship, you’re more likely to avoid future money arguments down the road.

HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY: Couples find financial infidelity more injurious than sexual infidelity. Hiding bank accounts, squandering money, taking out credit cards unnecessarily can all lead to problems that could’ve been avoided long ago. But if you put your financial past on the table and become an open bank book you can build a stable financial future together.

THINKING AHEAD: If all goes well, you’re going to want to build a life with your new love. Even if this doesn’t mean marriage, it might mean buying property or making large purchases together. You don’t want to be surprised when that car salesmen returns with a denial because of a bad credit score.

NICHE SITES ARE ON THE RISE: Mass market sites are secretive about a person’s banking habits, but smaller sites dedicated to avoid the burn of someone else’s wallet are growing. If you’ve been burned in the past try dating sites like to find out fiscal pasts fast.

Even with the responsibility of debt and credit, talking money is never a good idea for the first few dates. Want to know the other relationship killers on a first date? Read HERE for more!


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