Create the Love You Want

Create the Love You Want

Finding love is a lengthy process that doesn’t happen overnight. You have to start with yourself before you bring someone else into the folds of a healthy relationship. But where do you begin?

Orna and Matthew Walters are not only a prime example of a healthy partnership, they are partners in work as well. As creators of, Orna and Matthew start working on a person’s “love imprint.” This is essentially the blueprint of your love receptors. Starting from age 0 and lasting to age 5, each individual needs to define what type of love they were receiving during their formative years. Orna tells a story about how she came from a family of abuse and that love and pain were intertwined. Throughout her 20s she dated violent men and had abusive relationships. It wasn’t until she realized that her love imprint was holding her back from finding the lasting love she wanted that she could move on from her destructive patterns.

Aside from working off a love imprint, Orna and Matthew advise busting the myth that  a) love is something that just HAPPENS and b) that there is one person for everyone out there. These two are tied into one another. By taking responsibility for your relationships and how they play out, you are allowing yourself to be in control of who and what you choose to happen. Though timing does play an important role in relationship outcomes, only you can be responsible for the actions you take in a relationship. Orna says, “You’re in the driver seat and you can choose someone, they just have to choose you as well.”


Orna and Matthew advise seeking out the Golden Nugget in each relationship. The Golden Nugget is that piece of wisdom you’re supposed to learn to carry onto the next, more successful, relationship once the one you’re in comes to an end. Not that you’re supposed to think each relationship WILL end, but as Matthew and Orna say, “When you have a connection with somebody, it’s a freeway sign that says your speed may have increased but you have not reached your final destination.” Never get too wrapped up having a connection with someone. Enjoy yourself, have fun, and listen, but don’t lose sight of what it is YOU want. And remember, only you can make what you want happen….on purpose.

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