Bravo TV Friends to Lovers

It has been so great being back on the air hosting the Dates and Mates radio show, and this week was extra special. We had in-studio with us from Bravo TV’s newest series FRIENDS TO LOVERS, Charlie Walters and Darion Lowenstein.

FRIENDS TO LOVERS follows 5 pairs of friends as they see if they can take their long running friendship into the world of dating.

While we couldn’t get them to give us the scoop on their current romantic status (You’ll have to tune in this Monday on Bravo at 10/9c), we were able to get some interesting, behind-the-scenes details on shooting the hit reality show. Can you imagine having your first kiss in front of the cameras? “It was awkward…” says Darion. “…and then we have to switch cameras and do it from a different angle, and you’re like ‘Oh my God. I think I’m gonna die.’”

The two faced a number of other challenges as well. Darion often found the occasion to point out Charley’s “wandering eye.” In one particular situation, we see Charley sharing lip balm with a Colombian, go-go boy. “He taught me how they put on lip balm in Colombia, which is one person puts it on and then puts it on the other person… with their lips.”

But not all was as crazy as it seemed. The guys share a couple fun date ideas that you should try at 17:39. Darion said, “We had a lot of great dates that I wish had made the air because they were so fun.”

Check out the full, in-studio interview below, and be sure to tune in to the finale of Friends to Lovers? this Monday on Bravo TV at 10/9c.

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