Guys listen up, because you can learn a lot about the type of man women want from the TV characters they’re obsessed with. I’m talking about characters that get women rushing home from work to sit in front of the TV with a large glass of wine and indulge in their darkest fantasies.
So what type of man are we talking about here?

Well…you may not be surprised to know that 86% of women’s favorite characters are alcohol swilling, serial womanizers like Don Draper from Mad Men. But even Don Draper looks like a saint when you compare him to some of the other guys he’s up against.

Dating Metrics ran a poll to find out which TV characters women find most sexy they made a controversial discovery…

Vampires, psychopaths and serial killers are the guys girls go wild for:

TV Vampires, Psychopaths & Serial Killers: Perfect Boyfriend Material?

Via Dating Metrics

So what is it that makes these characters so desirable, despite their serial killing ways?
There are 10 traits these characters have in common. And they’re easy to adopt. If you want to learn how you can use them to become closer to fantasy boyfriend material (with no blood sucking required) check out the full article on these girlfriend getting traits here.

As a gal who had to create a plan to date nice guys (have you ever heard me talk about “Operation Date Nice Guys?”) I understand why women constantly fall for bad boys but I think nice guys always win out in the long run.

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