Do you know whether you need to DTR (define the relationship)? This article will help! My advice has been featured in HuffPost!

Here’s an excerpt:

“Dating in this day and age comes with a dictionary’s worth of funny lingo ― from “half-night stands” and “monogamish” to “orbiting,” “curving” and “serendipidating.” Recently, I’ve noticed a term for a specific kind of romantic connection cropping up more often in memeslove articles and conversations among friends: “situationship.”

Assuming you’ve dipped your toes into the dating waters, odds are you’ve found yourself in a situationship of sorts at some time. Maybe it’s even been a more frequent experience for you than traditional relationships. On an early episode of the U.S. edition of “Love Island,” one contestant declared, “I’ve never had a proper relationship. I’ve been in situationships, but never an actual relationship.”

But what exactly is a situationship? And what are the upsides and downsides of this type of dynamic? HuffPost spoke to a number of relationship experts to find out.”


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