The holidays are one of the most stressful times on relationships. From the pressure of gift giving to meeting the parents, it’s a statistical fact, when the holiday season arrives, so do break-ups. If you found yourself a victim of this untimely restructuring of life, don’t let it ruin the rest of your year. A person so cruel as to time their “talk” about your relationship minutes before seeing Grandma is not the correct one for you to begin with. Instead of wallowing in leftovers and tears, take a minute to rejoice in your new lease on love. Here’s how to get over being a victim of the Turkey Drop.

1) Get Online—The best way to get over a bad break-up is a good, old-fashioned rebound. And while this definitely does NOT mean jumping in the sack with anybody, it does mean going out on dates. Online sites see a major increase in new membership around the holiday times, so odds in your favor that you’re going to find more than a couple options for people to go on at least a first date with. And the more you get out there, the faster your heart can heal. Which leads me to….

2) Get Out There—Staying indoors during the wintertime may seem like a good idea for hibernating bears, but for humans the result of seasonal effects disorder can lead to depression, and wrapped with the extra special bonus bow of travel stress and family pressure makes introversion during the holidays a recipe for disaster. Make plans with friends, go out to dinner, frequent local bars and explore your town to get your mind off losing love and focus on finding fun.

3) Get Help—With the inevitable depression and sadness that winter can bring, adding a recent relationship break up can make things worse. Instead of bottling up your feelings, talk to a professional instead. Whether it’d be a therapist, doctor, friend or dating coach, anyone who you can dedicate time to discuss your emotions to is a definite remedy to chase them blues away.

4) Get Moving—Exercise is one of the best ways to get out a funk. Not only does it get you in killer shape for that next special someone who comes into your life, but it boosts confidence, boosts your libido and keeps your hair, skin and nails shiny and healthy. Not to mention your heart! Join a gym, take a Cross Fit class, go for a jog—whatever you can do to keep the blood flowing will ultimately help you work through the tumultuous time of  break up.

5) Get Focused—Prepare for the New Year with a few resolutions that you promise to swear yourself to. Whether it’d be going on one date a week or dedicating three months to a different dating site until you find a match, whichever route you choose to take, keeping your eye on the prize of love can only lead you to success. Make it your goal to be happy in 2014 and focus on the abundance you have in your life now to bring more positivity to you down the road.

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