Guest Author: James Anderson

Once you get into your thirties and forties, most things in life don’t excite you anymore. Don’t let your dating life be one of those things.

Who you date is an important decision. One that should be made independent of cultural stereotypes. Women have been dating younger guys for a long time, but only recently has science started to explain why it’s such a great idea.

It’s something you’ve thought about, maybe even talked over with a few friends. But you’ve never been sure about dating a younger guy because you haven’t done it before and you don’t know what to expect. Buckle up, ladies. We’ve got 8 simple reasons why you should get out there and date a younger guy, and a few tips on how to find them. If you want to learn more about age gap dating you should also check out episode 175 of Damona’s podcast Dates & Mates.

You’ll be happier than your friends.
According to one study, women 10+ years older than their partner are happier and more committed to their relationship. The researchers say it could be because older women who date younger guys experience more equality. We’ve got seven more reasons that could be contributing to the happiness between older women and younger guys.

You’ll find a more committed boyfriend.
Research also shows relationships between older women and younger guys last at least 2 years, on average. That puts them on par with the average length of most relationships. These findings challenge cultural stereotypes. If someone accuses you of looking for a “fling” you can throw science at them. Unless you’re into that. In which case, go get yours!

You’ll date a guy who appreciates your age.
The dating website EliteSingles culled data from 450,000 users. Their results show that guys aged 20-29 prefer women 3 to 6 years older than them. The staff psychologist echoed the researchers in the previous study. Younger guys acknowledge the equality in these relationships. That’s enough to convince us.

Tip: Online dating websites are a great place to find younger guys. You have the control of searching what you want. You can start at a pace you’re comfortable with and set up a date when you know you’re both ready. Each year we review all the top sites for older women dating younger men and it has been pretty consistent. Check out a few sites if you are interested and see how it goes.

You’ll be with a sex God (or a guy who wants to be).
Younger guys are just that. Which means they have more stamina, energy, agility, and desire. Guys reach their sexual prime in their mid-twenties. He’s ready to mingle and happy to do it with someone who has the experience to show him a few tricks. They’re open to trying new things, and may even be able to show you a thing or two.

You’ll deal with less drama.
Compared to their older counterparts, younger guys tend to be more perceptive. They’re not set in their ways. They’re willing to try new activities or suggest things you haven’t considered. He has a different perspective of the world. He’s curious and malleable, with less baggage or cynicism. This often manifests in a desire to please you or learn from you. Many women enjoy the power play. But if that’s not your thing, it’s nice to have someone appreciate your opinions and experience.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to approach a younger guy when you’re out. At a bar, a store, a library, or a coffee shop. Many younger guys won’t approach older women because they’re afraid of offending them. You gain nothing by not trying, and confidence is sexy.

You’ll get away with spontaneity.
Most younger guys have fewer responsibilities. They’re usually starting their careers. They’re not bogged down by unreasonable professional schedules, or complicated kids’ schedules. This leaves them available for short notice and gives them more time to focus on you. It can also have the accidental side-effect of motivating you to free up some of your commitments or de-stressing your life.

You’ll be forced to have fun.
You will probably feel young again. Don’t date a younger man because you want to find your youth, but enjoy the sense of rejuvenation you feel being around him. You can use it to your advantage. The oxytocin pumping through your system will be leave you ripe for close bonding. Build a unique bond with him, in the bubble you’ve created together. It will make your relationship stronger.

Tip: Ask around. Do you know anyone who has a younger friend? Having mutual friends or acquaintances is a great way to meet someone younger. You already have something in common.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself.
Dating a younger guy is a whole new world. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you’re giving yourself the chance to start fresh. Date someone for the reasons you want. Not because it’s convenient, or expected of you. Find a guy who has the qualities you want. Be who you want, unbridled. Reset your expectations. You’ll be liberated in more ways than you ever anticipated.

Dating a younger guy can be fun, scary, and mysterious. Whether you’ve dated them before, or this is your first time, you’re in for an exciting adventure. You’re on the forefront of a trend that the savviest women (and researchers) have discovered. Our culture has supported older men dating younger women for a while now. The tide has turned; it’s time for older women to shine in their own spotlight.

Celebrities and members of royalty have been dating younger guys for as long as people have kept track. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Mary Tyler Moore and Robert Levine, Catherine the Great and Alexander Dmitriev-Mamonov, Elizabeth I and her many suitors. The list goes on. So, jump on the party train and let your locks flow free. You’re in good company. Get out there, get messy, and enjoy yourself.

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