Here's 7 steps to catching her eye on email

Here’s 7 steps to catching her eye on email

Alright men.  Listen up. It’s special guest dating expert Joshua Pompey giving you the advice you need!

With millions of emails each and every day headed on a one-way path to the delete bin, its time for a little intervention.  With endless amounts of competition competing for the same quality woman online, if you want to get noticed, the email is where you must shine.

Don’t worry though.  I’m here to get you started on the right path. Let’s take a look at how you could increase your odds of writing the perfect first email every time.

1.  Humor.  Humor.  Humor.
This can’t be stressed enough.  Make a woman laugh and you are already three steps ahead of the competition.  This will instantly separate yourself from the endless stream of boring emails and immediately spark interest in a woman.   It is by far, the number one online attraction builder.

2.  Never focus on the physical.
I don’t care if she is the most beautiful woman in the world.  Complimenting a complete stranger for her beauty doesn’t come across as sweet.  It comes across as creepy and desperate. Be better than that.

3.  Small talk leads to small results.
Women online have been asked the same questions countless times.  Don’t be yet another guy who bores her to tears.  Get creative.
For example:  Instead of asking if she likes to travel, say, “If you could pack a suitcase and go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why!”  This is a fun and revealing question.

4.  Keep it short.
People are busy these days.  The goal is to be interesting, but economical with your words.  A good rule of thumb is one question and no more than five sentences in a first email.

5.  Emailing should not feel like homework.
If it takes a woman more than a couple of days to respond, you will likely be deleted.  Your questions should be interesting, but they shouldn’t take forever to think of a response.  “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done” may sound great on the surface, but it requires someone to span his or her entire life for a response, thus, becoming more like homework than fun.  

6.  Avoid weak language.
Do not use words such as hope, if, want, etc.  Phrases such as I “hope to hear from you soon,” create the image of a man who is just waiting around, “hoping” for a response.  “I have to run, I’ll talk to you soon,” changes the image to a man who is busy, has a life, and is confident that the woman will respond.  See the difference?

7.  Use a template.  
My template for the perfect first email always consists of two halves.  The first half of the email should be something that is humorous and ignites interest.  Try to write something that you know will peak her interest.

The second half of the email should be a question relating to something the two of you have in common.  This establishes a commonality and also proves that you read her profile.  

Both will combine to form the template of a perfect first email.

Joshua Pompey has been voted one of the top ten dating experts in the world, and has been helping online daters to succeed since 2009.  For more information and free advice, visit or visit his world famous online dating profile writing staff.

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