Save money this Valentine's Day!

Save money this Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re new to a relationship or this is your 83rd year of marriage, Valentine’s Day is an important holiday to celebrate with your loved one. So what if Hallmark capitalizes from selling love? Who cares if you gain a pound or two from all the chocolate? VDay is about sharing your adoration for another, not about material and superficial things. So this Valentine’s Day, instead of breaking the bank at the florist or giving Sees Candy another paycheck, try less expensive, more meaningful gifts for that special somebody in your life.

Here are a few ways to save money this Valentine’s Day:

3. Cook Dinner

Staying in is always cheaper than going out. Couple that with a romantic meal and some dim lights and you’ve hit a home run. Everyone likes to be wooed — making someone feel special by preparing their favorite dish is a great way to score Valentine’s Day points.

4. DIY Gifts

Instead of buying a super expensive piece of jewelry or something equally as wallet-busting, give a unique and personal token of your love. It can be a poem or a paint-it-yourself ceramic bowl, maybe a photo collage or short video you compiled of the two of you. Whatever you choose to design, your date will love the ingenuity and thought you put forth into them.

5. Origami

Let’s face the facts — flowers die. Why give something to someone you care about that’s only going to kick the bucket in a few days? Instead, learn how to origami flowers out of their favorite magazine or comic strip? Flowers are expected on Valentine’s Day (in addition to your other DIY gift) so instead of showing up empty-handed, or broke from the Valentine’s Day markup at the flower shop, give a bouquet that can stand the test of time and hopefully your relationship will too.

To read more ways to save money this Valentine’s Day, read this entire article with all its tips at ‘The Huffington Post’



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