5 Things Every Lady Should Bring To A First Date PhotoDo you know what to bring with you on a first date? I was recently asked for my opinion on the 5 essentials every woman should bring on the first date. And, if you know me, you know I’ll share helpful tips to anyone who needs them. So, get ready to pack your purse with the following 5 things that will help make that first date a smooth one.

1. Condoms

I definitely am not lobbying for having sex on the first date but you need to come prepared. I can’t tell you how many times I heard a client say, “I would have used a condom but he didn’t have one.” You are in control of your STD destiny. Make sure you have a couple (unexpired) ones on hand just in case he does not.

2. A Pretty Pink Lip Gloss

A light, glittery lip will make you look young, fun, and radiant and can brighten up a natural or a glam look. Just don’t apply it in-front of him – that’s a big turn-off for fellas.

3. A Cute Pair of Roll

Up Flats- Men go wild for a woman in heels but they go cold for a gal who complains that her feet hurt after walking a couple blocks or dancing the night away. Make sure you have a cute, portable option so you are ready for whatever adventures is in store for you.

4. Floss

There’s nothing less cute than having spinach in your teeth after dinner and no way to get it out. This should only be handled in the privacy of the loo, however. Flossing at the table is the fastest way to get out of a second date.

5. Oil-Absorbing Strips

When we are anxious (like on a first date) our sympathetic nervous system triggers the sweat glands on our feet, palms, and face to perspire. If you feel that your hands are getting clammy, your face is also probably sweating up and that is a good time to excuse yourself to “powder your nose.” Shiny is not sexy.

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