5 easy steps to a successful long distance relationship.

5 easy steps to a successful long distance relationship.

If you and your mate want to keep your love going strong even though you’re apart, here are some tips to keeping your long-distance relationship solid.

1. Communicate Privately – don’t live your relationship on Facebook. If you have something to say to your boyfriend, say it in a text, phone message, or email.

2. Connect in Person – If you can’t see each other on a regular basis, try to set up time to Skype so you can at least see each other face-to-face.

 3. Share Things – Keep your boyfriend up to speed on what you’re listening to, reading, watching, liking. Trends and interests change and you want to make sure you’re boyfriend is in the loop.

4. Avoid Jealousy – It’s easy to get jealous about who he’s talking to and what he’s doing when you can’t see him frequently. A relationship is built on trust so you have to let him know that you believe what he tells you and know he will respect you and your feelings at all times.

5. Don’t Let Others Interfere – It’s easy for a friend to talk you out of the relationship. Make sure you’re giving the relationship the same attention and work that a closer-proximity one would receive since that’s how negative feelings emerge.

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