A surge in births and nuptials was seen both in 10/10/10 and 11/11/11. Since today’s date is the last sequential date we’ll see in the century, it’s no surprise that thousands of couples will flood into chapels, Vegas drive-throughs and City Halls nationwide, all with the intention on marrying on this once-in-a-lifetime date. 12/12/12 is not only a big wedding day, but mothers around the world are ordering their C-sections, ensuring a lucky baby birthday. Is it superstition, joyful thinking or just plain crazy?

Years before the 11/11/11 date there were stories popping up about women who had reserved wedding services, caterers, priests, flowers and DJs spending thousands on wedding planning, but had no groom to marry. All for the want of a lucky wedding day. But really, where’s the luck in that situation? Technically, it’d be finding someone to get married to before losing all those deposits. If fate was on the side of the bride, she’d have her day. If not, 11/11/11 wouldn’t be much use to her. Today, it’s raining here in Los Angeles. Doesn’t rain on your wedding day trump a lucky date, or is it vice versa? Or worse, do they cancel each other out? Who decides this? Where’s our soothsayer now? My question is how can 10,000 weddings all be lucky?

As a dating coach I understand the reasoning behind picking a so-called “lucky” wedding date, but I think efforts toward such a gigantic step in your romantic life would be better spent on intention rather than superstition. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue; not letting the groom see the bride in her dress until she comes down the aisle—there’s already enough old-wives tales surrounding tying the knot—hell, even tying the knot itself is an ancient Pagan ritual where bride and groom are actually tied together by the wrist in belief that the bond cannot be broken. All of these extra pressures—things to remember, stuff to do—isn’t getting married hard enough? What with family, expenses, travel, nerves, and now setting a date that’s significant only in terms of numerology, but not special in terms of being personal? My advice, keep it simple and sweet. Make the date based on importance to you and your partner, not based on what the Mayan, zodiac or Far Side calendar might further suggest.

Though that Gary Larson can be quite the persuader….

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