September 1st is National Letter Writing Day, so why not revisit an important old-fashioned practice that has fallen out of popularity in the digital age: writing love letters. While it’s easy to send a text or an email, there’s nothing quite as personal as receiving an old-fashioned love letter in the mail from someone you adore. Let’s dust off our penmanship skills and take a look at why the art of a love letter is the perfect way to warm someone’s heart.

  1.      They’re collectors’ items. Seriously.


There’s nothing like being able to pull out an old love letters years down the road. Sometimes being able to open a box with precious memories in them to read over again helps remind yourself how that letter made you feel, as well as how you fell in love in the first place. Unique memoirs like these hold a ton of sentimental value too!


  1.      Scented love letter, anyone?


There are some things you just cannot do digitally. One of them is being able to send a scented letter to your significant other in the spirit of National Letter Writing Day? Have a particular favorite perfume or cologne that they can’t get enough of? Simply spritz some on your completed letter and they’ll receive a feast for the senses and the heartstrings.


  1.      It makes long distance relationships not seem so long


Sometimes the person we want to be nearest to is the furthest away. Sending a handwritten letter can be a great deal of comfort for them, especially when they’re not expecting it. Writing down your thoughts and admiration and mailing it off can leave them with such a sweet surprise. Words are great, but words that are tangible on a piece of paper with your penmanship can have a lot more meaning to someone you care about.


  1.      Emojis are great, but…..


Letter writing can offer a lot more room to be expressive, whether you decide to doodle a cute inside joke on your letter or even include some actual (read: printed) photographs. There’s so much more expressiveness than be conveyed by sending physical communication than a text or an email can possibly offer.


  1.      They’re totally low pressure


We know the drill. We live in an instant gratification world, and sometimes that’s great, but when it comes to matters of the heart it helps to take a more relaxed approach. Receiving a letter in the mail  for National Letter Writing Day or any other occasion doesn’t command an immediate response, and might even net you a great love letter in return!


  1.      It’s not junk!


With the flood of junk mail we’re subjected to, there’s no denying that receiving a sweet personal letter is always a huge bonus, regardless of who it is from. It’s even better when it’s from your better half.


  1.      You can’t erase it!


There’s so much trust and passion in the idea that you are sending something totally irreversible. It’s too easy to say things digitally that you can take back, and the very idea of putting your letter in the mail speaks “I really, really mean every word I say”.


  1.      It’s so uncommon now that it’s even more special.


Writing love letters used to be the norm for older generations. While they were still sentimental and meaningful, it’s fallen out of style in the age of modern technology. So that means that the simple act of writing an expressive love letter would be even more meaningful because it would likely also be totally unexpected.


  1.      You can let your inner poet shine.


Have you always hidden your more poetic side? All the more reason a great old-fashioned love letter  for National Letter Writing Day would catch your interest off-guard in a great way. There’s always this romanticized idea of someone penning a beautiful poem for someone that they truly care about, and it totally works.


  1.   It could be the key to winning someone over.


Now, if you haven’t been able to secure relationship-status with someone that you’re close with that you know has a mutual interest, it can be the ultimate way to go for the win. Expressing your feelings towards someone in a heartfelt letter shows a bit of vulnerability, shares a bit of your soul and, again, is a low-pressure way to express yourself so they have time to process it. If they were already interested in you, that is a great way to proactively echo their feelings for National Letter Writing Day.


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